Tuesday, May 06, 2008

wooden doll and such

Proposal sketch for not so secret project.

Modified mannikan with a lovely necklace from the equally lovely ladies of Vintaj.

Hey there! Here is a sketch from my proposal pack, it's one of my favorites- the watercolor washes are probably the best part. We are optimistic and have enjoyed favorable reviews of the concept, so now its just a matter of finding the right match. I'm not worried, I have bigger fish to fry, like getting ready for Bead & Button this June (yes, I am obsessed) not only because its the biggest show we do, but its fun to shop and meet up with artists I rarely get to see. Like the wonderously talented Anne Choi (I'm currently devising a wish list right now) and the lovely Wynn ladies, Heather and Pam, not to mention the fact I get to spend a few days with my brother Andrew and my all -time best buddy Jess (aka weasel - her name is wiesel). It's a lot of fun and if you've never been, its a very good time all around.
This fun little doll is the beginning of a new display idea I got from Ullabenulla's blog, she had a version of mannikan dolls with crow heads and I totally loved them. It's made with an unvarnished wooden mannikan and a layer of polymer clay added to the head. Its nice because you can focus on the fun stuff and have results fast. I plan to dress her and put a hat or hair on her. She puts me in mind of something retro-futuristic, or steampunk with all her exposed joints. Anyway it was a fun project.

IMPORTANT: I just found out about this Orphan Works Bill on Claudines blog and its pretty scary stuff. Its a bill that will hurt artists and designers by taking away the automatic copyright protection we enjoy now and honoring only copyrights that are through privately held registers. This also means any image you put on the internet is up for grabs. I'd like to meet the giant A-hole who came up with this fancy idea and lecture them till I'm hoarse. So, sign up to protect your intellectual property! Imagine someone allowed to use your photo they found on flickr in an ad campaign against herpes. How mad would you be? What's the world coming to? Tell everyone you know and sign the petition, it takes like two minutes. O.k. I'm calm, but still a little frantic, I need some chocolate.


Christina J. said...

That's a lovely sketch.

I signed the petition!

Cynthia Thornton said...

I'm glad you like it!

Good! Together we can preserve the rights of artists!

Christina J. said...

I'm going to mention it on my blog, too.

Anonymous said...

I need chocolate too =)
thanks for the information Cynthia!

Sophie said...

I signed the petition as well...so ridiculous...chocolate is needed all around...I love the sketch...she's so delicate and wispy!