Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hand pendant

Here's another wax in the process of being molded! This pendant is two pieces, the hand fits into the lace cuff, allowing the pendant to be cast in two different metals (imagine! a silver hand with a bronze cuff, or a shibuichi hand with a silver cuff....). I made this with Victorian elements in mind, thinking it would look nice with a cast key or little bird held from the fingertips. This piece has sat on my work bench for a long while and was actually cast once (it just didn't look right, so I did it over). I would pick it up, carve a little on it, then set it down again. I have lots of pieces like that, in various stages of completion, waiting for their turn to be finished and polished. I think this piece will be one that gets a little extra detailing before its cast, like adding a tiny, sparkling ring, or maybe the cuff will get pierced, allowing light to pass through its bell-like shape - small details to make each one unique. That said, I'll probably end up making a handful then moving onto something else! Sometimes I have such a limited attention span. Anyway, this piece will also debut at The Best Bead Show and the To Bead True Blue Show happening a few days from now in Tucson, AZ. Stop by and see the new things!

Monday, January 16, 2012

bronze bee clasp!

This is a new clasp design carved by my good friend Jessica Wiesel, to debut at The Bead True Blue Show in Tucson, AZ. This piece will be offered in bronze at the show and on my etsy shop for a bit, then in fine pewter when that stock runs out.

Jess is an extremely talented artist in many mediums, from painting and drawing to miniature sculpting to couture sewing. She recently relocated from Columbus, OH to my neck of the woods here in Asheville, NC. We have been having a wonderful time creating new pieces and planning adventures (London, next year....). I am so happy to have my long time buddy so close! We met nearly 19 years ago in art school and became fast friends in a modern dance class, both of us rather awkward and embarrassed. We shared a love of dolls and detailed work, both things very unpopular then, considered too crafty for the fine art world. We persisted, making doll sculptures and noodly egg tempera paintings, focusing on our technical skills by making pretty things. Those days seem like yesterday, as we are both constantly searching for new techniques to learn. We have quite a pile of things to cast! Stay tuned for the next pieces!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Lately, I haven't been blogging as much since Facebook is so easy to upload to. If you want to get updates and whatnot on goings on at GGS, like our page Green Girl Studios. I just started it the other day, but I thought it would be a cool place for folks to share photos of things made with our stuff.

Anyway, I took a long needed break today by heading up forty miles to Hot Springs, NC for a mineral soak and massage (above is the view from the front porch of the spa). My friends Jessica Wiesel and Jess Gaston accompanied me on our little adventure through the mountains. The spa is a little rustic, with private outdoor hot tubs filled with soothingly warm mineral water overlooking the French Broad River. I love it there and would go all the time if I had tons of cash. We're already planning a mud wrap when Tucson is over!

Jess Imports

The last few weeks have blurred by as we approach Tucson 2012. The studio is always occupied, the sounds of metal grinding and torches burning heard at any hour. This year is special. I've decided to make exclusive masters for my friend Jessica Gaston of Jess Imports fame. She's known for carrying a wide variety of unusual clasps and rings featuring interesting designs ranging from vintage to modern.

I've known Jess ever since my first shows, way back when I was an art student testing the waters of the bead world. That was some 15 years ago, when the bead industry was still a mystery....there were only two bead magazines and a handful of shows. We used to travel around to different cities selling our wares at shows during the day and having fun in the evenings. A lot has changed since those early days, we've grown up and buckled down as responsible adults (well, sort of.....I still feel like 24). Some things never change, though, and we are giggling and silly whenever we get together.

The waxes above are the latest batch of clasps (the squirrel will be set in a box clasp or hook and eye) and will debut at The New Gem Mall Tent #Two Jan.28-Feb. 10. They will be offered in shibuichi and bronze, possibly pewter.