Monday, January 07, 2013

Side projects

Most folks know that Greg pretty much runs things around here, casting, filling orders and going to shows. But many don't realize he is an artist as well (we first met in art school) with a distinct style and interests outside metals. He always has some project or other in the works, an animated short, drawings or a poem. Right now he is almost finished with an illustrated book, one drawing away, in fact. We are so excited. He's at the turning point when the decision to share the work and release it into the world, or to put it on the shelf and make something else. When I first started, it felt odd to spread my little sculptures on a table, waiting to hear what things people had to say. It was also awkward to hang work that had been slaved over, agonized over, then displayed for strangers to look at and comment on (or not). It's never easy. I've grown a thick hide over the years, built from thousands of remarks, mostly good, but some, especially from those closest to me, scathing. Of course, none could be more harsh than the critic within. So, right now I'm pleased as can be, since in a few hours the last drawing will be done and then the quest for sharing it with the world begins.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Winter warmth

Last year, if you were to tell me I'd be spending Christmas with all my siblings and their partners, with my parents, I would've smiled and said it would be nice, but unlikely. There was always a sense of sadness surrounding our family, as if one could actually see a cut out of the missing element. My folks seemed perpetually distant, especially around the holidays. So this year, our lucky year, we decided to celebrate together, since such a thing hadn't happened in two decades. The week was filled with lots of stories, food and games. Since my older brother returned things are different, my parents are happy, my mom smiles a's like we released a breath that we hadn't realized we were holding. Of course, some things never change, I'm still bossy, mom pushes Andrews head when he says something 'smartymouth' and my dad still drones on about genealogy. The best part of the trip was seeing my family interacting so naturally together, as if we had never stopped, as if the new faces had always been there. I didn't take a lot of pictures, since Andrew carried his fancy camera everywhere, but I took a few that I was happy with. The following we're taken at Blue Springs State Park. I was especially pleased that there were more manatees, gator pikes and alligators out and about than I have ever seen. I guess we were just lucky.