Monday, August 22, 2011

new etsy shop!

Hello! I opened an etsy store called Enchanted Adornments by cynthiathornton the other day, after months of hemming and hawing on whether or not to do it. I wanted a way to sell some of our limited run items (besides the shows, since so many folks can't make it to them). In a way, its a good draw for people to come to the shows. Its far easier to make a bunch of new things and carry them to the shows, but I'll take some of the special goods and upload them to my new little store. So far, it has been fairly easy to figure out, but I'm pretty slow at adding things since I'm such a perfectionist. It takes me forever to take good pictures, then write a description.

I really enjoy shopping on etsy, browsing through the listings and stores, knowing I'm buying handmade. I feel like I'm helping the economy by supporting small businesses like myself. Besides, its pretty nice to stay at home and not run around wasting gas and time hunting for a parking spot (one of my pet peeves - especially when I have to parrallel park, or when there's loads of folks competing for spots, like our downtown). Anyway, if you get a chance, stop by!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

smokey mountain park

Max waving 'hello' while attempting to wander through the tall grass at Cataloochee, part of the Smokey Mountain Park. There were lots of wild turkeys and elk roaming around the pastures, calmly ignoring the folks stopped by the side of the road taking pictures.

Azalea is learning to use a digital camera, something she is enjoying immensely! The elk and wild turkey look far away in the picture, but were actually pretty close. We were going to bring our dolls for a photoshoot, but forgot them in the rush to leave. I think Greg was a little relieved.

I took this picture of Greg and Max at a scenic overlook using a 'miniaturize' setting. I love how everything takes on a grainy, vintage photo look.

Here's my favorite miniaturized photo. I think the grass looks like moss, the trees like tiny wired and flocked toys and the flowers like painted paper. It was nice to take a break from preparing for the show in Philadelphia next week. Sometimes its easy to go into a zone and not move for several hours, resulting in a stiff neck and sore eyes. We are hoping to have the little house finished and ready to take with us, along with a few limited runs of some designs in bronze (which are always a hit!).

Sunday, August 07, 2011

work in progress

This is (a rather blurry) picture of one of my latest beads. Its carved in polymer clay on a brass rod. Its a few hours away from completion....but I'm at the point where I tend to go wild with details. I can't resist noodling on a piece forever. I adore simple, rustic and rough hewn pieces, with marks of the artists hand readily visible (Kathy Van Kleek comes to mind). Work like that always seems to have a magical quality to it, as if the fingerprints and tool marks lend a bit of mystery. I suppose its a subtle reminder of the artist.

Yet, its so difficult for me to make things simple. So, should I noodle away, add roof plates, window panes and other fancy details? Or should I aim for something less ornate? Smooth it out, crisp up the edges and cast it? What do you think?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


My sister took this picture of Paddy and myself when we were in art school, maybe 15 years ago. Its a very telling picture, I think, with his sublime expression and those melting eyes. He walked in through my open apartment window one day while I was airing out my room (in a vain attempt to disperse the fumes from oil paints and turpentine) and sat down by my feet. He visited every day, a friendly stray who politely accepted rice and other tidbits (even though we knew he dined on Fancy Feast and other fine treats from homes all over the neighborhood). He eventually chose my sister and I as his favorites and stayed with us through countless moves across the country, a constant companion through all manner of emotional terrain. He kept me company when I kept to myself, which happened to be a fair amount of the time.
I couldn't find the pictures of him wearing his red bowtie, which complimented his 'tuxedo' perfectly, but I think he still looks like a lover in this one. Paddy was one of the most loving beings I've ever known, winning over every dog, cat and human in his path. That cat was even patient with Azalea and Max, allowing them to hug and 'pet' him! I loved that cat. He died from old age last week, so we made a bed for him under the azaleas and rhododendrons (his favorite place to watch the birds). I'll remember him always.