Sunday, May 24, 2009

New cover for the book! I like this a lot! The first cover IW used for promotion is on the fan page. This seems brighter, like the watercolor pages used for backgrounds.

This is the quick sketch for the piece 'Time and Memory' a necklace for a selkie named Tuala.

The finished version of 'Time and Memory'. Andrew took this shot and I think it looks really good. He's a very good photo stylist.

I was really surprised to see the book on Amazon! Its kind of surreal... I knew that it would be sold in bookstores, but its strange to see my name as an author. It made my heart skip a little, in a good way. Now I'm nervous! I hope it lives up to the anticipation! So many have contributed to this project and believe in it so much and for once, I'm in agreement. I never worked so hard on anything as I did on this book and that includes birthing my baby and my senior thesis show. I might even say it was more work than landscaping with my dad in the heat of Florida summers! The book is 164 pages with 20 projects and a basics sections, but the real work was making the hundreds of pieces, experimenting with interesting combinations and then choosing what goes in.
That was also the most fun. The least fun was writing directions. Now I'm at a different stage- promotion. I am very glad Andrew is good at this, otherwise it would be me standing awkwardly at a show, hiding behind the books! I'm more of behind the scenes kind a gal. When I used to do gallery shows, I'd pretend I wasn't the artist and watch how everyone reacted to the work. I know, cowardly, but what can you do? I just like to make stuff.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby girl posing in front of a koi pond in downtown Black Mountain.

Sketch made with new pearlecent watercolors and they were only eight dollars! I love a good deal.

Azalea drew this picture of me (as a bear) with a baby in my belly. I love it. How do you like her hair? I cut it that morning, because it was getting in her eyes and she hates combing it. So, if your about to ask why I don't let her grow it out into long princess locks, I cordially invite you to chase her around with a brush! That'll cure that talk.
The last few days have been spent between knee knockin' nauseau and bursts of work. This will be the first time I'm not going crazy before Bead and Button. I'm too tired to agonize and start impossible projects that won't make it, like fully illustrating a new catalog or trying to produce a line of miniature dolls, with wing flap action. Not this time. I am approaching this like a Zen master, make some new beads and clasps, make sample jewelry, pack and go. No fiddling with mannequins in the shape of mermaids for display. I know it sounds wrong for me not to be pulling all nighters and guzzling coffee to stay awake, but I'm taking it easy this time and being practical. So far, I have a two peas in the pod pendant on my workbench, a heart link and a new small clasp for pewter. I'm also making new bezels with sculptures inside, for my one of a kind area. So, I think there's time for all that's on the list!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Here's my girl, looking thoughtful with her lovely Mimzy doll (made by her Aunt Jenny, by the way).
This super cute velour caterpiller baby and felt leaf pouch were made by Zuzu's Petals, on etsy. Azalea loves its tininess and sweet face.

Today, we went to Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, Oh. It is the most amazing and gigantic foodie store on the planet. I love it completely. There are areas devoted to most countries, an extensive selection of produce, meats and seafood and also fun animatronics that play Elvis songs. What's not to love? We found fingerling potatoes and cooked them in butter and rosemary. We also picked up aged steaks, about three inches thick and served them with caramelized onions and sautead wild mushrooms and a side of brocolli. Yes, we could barely move from our food coma, but were recovered enough for brownies and ice cream a few hours later.
It is so much fun coming back to Ohio! We met up with friends from college and had a great time talking about what we've been up to and future plans. It was nice to catch up. I hadn't realized how how much I'd missed them! My friend Jessica came up to Cincinnatti today to join in with the festivities and it felt like old times, crackin' jokes and telling stories. This weekend was exactly what I needed to alleviate the endless pressure of wrapping up the last tidbits of my book. Like most artists, I have bouts of hating everything I do and want to quit, leaving the work to better artists. Its a frustrating phase to go through and often difficult to express, without sounding like you're fishing for compliments. I'm my own worst critic, constantly scrutinizing my work, often only seeing my mistakes. So it was nice to be in the company of other artists, talking about processes and the importance of never giving up. I'm glad its almost over! Now I can start busting out new work for the big Bead and Button Show! I have a month to make new pieces, so I better get busy!