Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello! I've been Captain Experimental this past couple of days, making doll head ornaments (inspired by Strange Dolls) and sculpted interiors for silver box pendants. The goal is to make one of a kind pieces for our biggest show, Bead and Button in Milwaukee. This year, we will have two tables! I need to get in gear and work faster! I'm also working on hollow glass beads filled with tiny relics and drawings on transparent paper, then capped with silver. This project has taken ages, collecting, drawing and sculpting all the pieces...almost tempted to hoard...I will document them tomorrow. Greg bought this super cute knit bunny for me at Target, a reward for my patience (we are potty training Azalea and it is slow going-that child is the most stubborn creature to walk the earth; any tips would be greatly appreciated!).
The comments left on my 'idea post' are excellent! There is still time to add your thoughts on what you would like to see GGS produce, so don't be shy! I will name the winner (or winners, I'm exceedingly pleased with the input!) on Tuesday. We are going to Atlanta this weekend for a show by Bead Mercantile ( I love Atlanta and hope to visit friends, the botanical gardens and that weird restaurant downtown that serves really good chili dogs (Varsity's?). Stop by and say hi if your in the neighborhood!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hey there! It's been busy around here, spring cleaning and working on new projects. Thanks so much to everyone that left ideas on my last post, its very insightful! I will send out the prizes next week, so theres still time to enter an idea or confirm the goodness of someone elses.

I just picked up the new issue of selvedge magazine (an amazing fiber arts publication) and it got me all fired up to start sewing. Asheville has one of the best fabric stores in town, Wachters Silk on Charlotte street. I found the most gorgeous sueded silk in a lovely persimmon color, perfect for a top, or cut into a strip for a necklace. I wish I had my own personal seamstress that could translate my drawings into reality, doesn't everyone? Im off to work on my illo friday submission!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hello folks! Just recovered from being sick all week, camped out on the couch watching the food network - I now have a serious craving for crab. Greg had a great time in Detroit doing the GLBG show and TJ had a fabulous time in Raleigh, NC showing GGS goods at the Bead Mercantile Show(a wonderful success, thanks to everybody who stopped by!).

So I was thinking, 'what do people wish we had that we don't?' I usually hear a lot of requests at the shows, but I don't do many shows anymore (that child cannot abide sitting still anywhere!). It occurred to me that most of my interaction is now through my laptop-which is kind of pitiful, because like most artists I need feedback and that is hard to come by as a stay at home mama. I would like to ask everyones two cents on what folks WANT (ideas on new products or projects you want directions for, etc.) and to make it worth your while........I have a bag of goodies (some new beads and a bezel with a handmade insert) I will send to the winner of a drawing from comments on this entry. So, leave a comment and you might WIN some cool stuff!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Hey there! We have been enjoying fine weather and excellent company. Andrew just went back to NY after a festive week of hiking and foraging for treasure in the amazing wilds of Asheville. We crafted like mad, working late into the night, formulating new ideas and making really good work. He finished the latest newsletter this morning , so check out the new project instructions (highly fun!). Greg left for the BABE show this evening and is probably still in the air, heading towards San Francisco. Its only a one day show, so catch it before it ends at 5! My folks pulled in early this morning, to have a short visit. We always have a great time running around town, cooking feasts and (not surprisingly) making stuff. I think I'd go crazy if I couldn't occupy these hands of mine- I always have a sketch book near, or half finished projects scattered around the house, waiting for completion. I could do without so much (tv, phone, stereo,laptop...) but take away my gear and your lookin' at one unhappy gal. Well, I got some drawing that needs done, take it easy!

The forest pic is shot off the Blur Ridge Parkway, the waterfall in Pisgah Forest about 40 miles from Asheville. The handsome cat sunning himself is Paddy, the big 30lb beast Andrew is holding is Frickademus, aka Frick (or as my mama says with her accent, 'Prick!').

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hi! This little nugget is made out of polymer with acrylic washes. The nest is needle felted wool. Its about an 1 1/4. Azalea loves to take the doll out and 'feed' it. We have been crafting all sorts of doo-dads since Andrew arrived. We had the best time foraging around a riverbed looking for interesting specimens to use in a resin project. The idea is reliquaries...little precious artifacts embedded in resin. The root babies for illo friday are destined to rest in a cozy droplet of resin. We might get frenchy and add pmc details for extra fantasticness. Its fun when Andrew visits-the energy is high, ideas flying fast and furious - basically, a good time.
This week's word for Illustration Friday is 'Hide'. I sculpted these mandrake babies from polymer and used twigs from their mother tree for hair. They are washed with acrylics. They are about an inch tall, nesting in my miniature succulent tree. Can you find them all?