Sunday, September 29, 2013

More fun!

One of the things I've always loved is fiber arts. I felt, sew, knit and weave baskets. So, I thought it would be nice to make some pretty accoutrements for my hobby. Pictured above is an owl thimble that is close to finished. 
I love buttons and have been making them for years, but since I've really gotten into sewing clothes, I'm making more practical type pieces good for shirts and jackets.
This is the top of a linen wrap dress I embroidered. I've found it really relaxing working on a piece of embroidery and hope to someday be as skilled as my mom and grandma. My buddy Jessica Wiesel has been instrumental in my newfound love of sewing. She's an excellent teacher ( I keep telling her she should do workshops ).
Here's another top I made, with a little stitch work at the shoulder. I am dying to make more, but I'm using it as a reward for finishing my work. When one is self employed, it is a lot easier to procrastinate and do the fun stuff first. I've had to learn a lot of discipline over the years! Anyway, we are pursuing fiber arts and will be attending a  Bead Fest Stitch Craft Create Show in Charlotte, NC
October 24-26 at the convention center. Come say 'hi' to Jess and check out our new buttons, thimbles and footed pin cushions!

Where have you been?

Traveling with the Doctor! Ok, really this is a nice prop from the Asheville Comic Con. We were surprised at the turnout and are thinking about vending next year with finished jewelry.
Isn't Greg the best Jen from the Dark Crystal you've ever seen? Jessica Wiesel made the outfit, which is a work in progress. He collects new things, like the crystal and makes other items like the double flute, which actually plays. I can't decide what kind of outfit I should make for myself, maybe something steampunk, or from Game of Thrones. Or Doctor Who.
Greg won 3rd place in the costume contest! The prize was a gift certificate to the local comic shop ( I think he bought the kids some Adventure Time stuff).
The last year or so I've been really into aquariums and have slowly filled every flat surface with a tank. I have six tanks at the moment. I'm obsessed. My favorite fish are Ranchu goldfish, they are nice and plump and lack a dorsal fin, which gives them a cute whale or manatee look. The one above is called a Kirin, due to his speckled black and gold coloring. We just got him and he is just recovering from being sick. Greg named him Hiro, after the character from the show Heroes.
Here are a couple of baby ranchus with my big boy from Hawaii. 
Azalea is particularly fond of Hiro, since he always swims toward her when she approaches and watches her intently. It's cute. I think I should make more ranchu themed items. I made a pendant, maybe a button or a paper doll next.