Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Check out this custom bangle from Delias Thompson on etsy! Its hammered silver with one of my favorite quotes from William Blake:
"To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wildflower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour". Its really shiny and beautiful and I love seeing the quote throughout the day, reminding me to relax.

I've had a strange week, totally opposite from the previous months of non stop work. For some reason, I couldn't make myself even step into my studio. I shifted focus, tending to the house, Azalea and myself, taking time to draw and read. I've allowed myself to drift a little, to enjoy being with my family. The big agenda yesterday consisted of a coloring book and crayons (because my girl loves to color), with a little cleaning for arriving houseguests. It was nice to visit with friends, run around town and share big plans. I'll have to get back to work now, as my break is over and I'm excited at all the new projects awaiting me. I think I might even turn early tonight!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This shot of me sculpting was taken when I just started work on my book. I feel so different from the person in the picture, like a shift happened somewhere, that changed me.

But some things never change, like my love for beautiful things. I bought this last week at a shop near Waimea Falls, thinking how good it would look on my already cluttered desk. I'm sitting at an empty desk now, at the Interweave apartment, in Colorado, thinking how much has changed in a few short months. Certainly not my obsessive collecting, but something I can't quite describe. I've been wondering at this niggling feeling all day, what about me is different? Its many things, I suppose. Its sadness that the project is coming to an end, its joy, too, for the same reason. I think there is a part of me that can no longer ignore my dreams, that they can no longer be put off, till there is more time. I've long wanted to write and illustrate childrens books and working on this project has brought that to the surface.
I suppose I'm at a crossroads. I love and hate the feeling. I am deeply uncomfortable with change, but I also embrace the idea, even though its frightening. I'm not saying I'm going to abandon Green Girl Studios (that would be like removing an eye!) but I feel like sharing the stories I've been carrying around for so long. Is this silly? Does anyone else feel pulled toward daydreams? I've always followed my intuition, trusting the universe to guide me. So, I'm going to do it. I'm going to write my stories, draw and paint the illustrtions and pray when I send them out into the world, they are worthy of printing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Here's my girl, lookin' windswept and mermaidy at Diamond Head Park. She begged for her hair to be dyed blue and the stylist asked if streaks were ok and being a push over, I said yes. Look at her face. I'm in trouble.

Almost at the top! The trail is steep, winding, with lots of loose gravel and the views are breathtaking. I learned that I am not keen on heights after slogging up a narrow staircase of a hundred steps and looking back. I froze in horror at what I'd just climbed. I stumbled through the cave to the top and realized I didn't give a fig if I saw the view or not, or that I just hiked an hour to get their. I was fixating on getting down that awful staircase, which I did, one agonizing step after the other, gripping the rusty handrail with both hands. I could feel myself falling, which is sort of sickening. I never imagined myself as having phobias, but I guess I can add dangerous heights to my list. The annoying thing is no one else seemed to think it was scary. Azalea made it all the way to the top and got a certificate to prove she climbed Diamond Head.

The koi pond at Dole Plantation, a touristy spot to get fresh pineapple sorbet or to get lost in the enormous maze on the property.

One of the things I love about Hawaii is all the beautiful vegetation. I looked up and saw this intricate lacework of leaves. This pattern will certainly show up in future work!

Greg and Azalea resting on the bridge with Waimea Falls in the background.

We stumbled on this beach in Haleiwa, on the North Shore, to find sea turtles resting! Talk about serendipity! We just wanted to watch the sunset and maybe a little beachcombing before heading back. It was perfectly magical.

Before we spotted these, we saw some in the water and hoped they would come closer. We found five along that beach.

The crew posing at The Royal Birthing Stones, a ruins where ancient royalty came to have babies. Folks still leave offerings of plumeria and seed leis out of reverence.

We spent a lot of time at the beach, looking for lost treasure, sea glass and shells. It was a hard trip back, three planes and a two hour car ride home, but it was worth it. It felt good to be in my own house, but I long for the warmth and the sea. We were gone for about nine days, which went by fast. I felt a little disconnected, not doing my routine of checking email, cleaning house, working on my book or making new pieces. It was nice, but I missed going through the everyday rhythms that make up my life. I suppose I'm most comfortable in my own surroundings, doing familiar activities. I was back at it, the moment we walked in the door!

Monday, March 02, 2009

day off

Look what I painted, wooden kokeshi dolls and a cigar box.

They're painted with acrylics and sealed with matte medium.

The WoodLand doll came today! I ordered her when my gran passed, to cheer me up. She would've liked this doll, as she made a few for us.

Now this is strange. I was petting Paloma (a wild mourning dove we rescued) and she was fluffing up and puffing out her cheeks, acting weird, then I came back and there was an egg in her cage! She laid another one about an hour ago. I've had pet birds for about ten years and none of them laid eggs. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Amazed, but also weirded out. I'll have to think on this.
Well, I took a day off yesterday. I haven't done such a thing in months. Seems like everyday I've worked on my book in some way or another. I turned in the manuscript and jewelry last week, which is a huge relief. Now all that's left are the illustrations and step out photos and some editing. I'll feel all free and easy, relaxed and happy. Then I can slack really hard and paint and sew all day long! I can't wait.
Ok, now I have to pack my traveling studio (which I enjoy doing for some reason) for our show in Hawaii. I love that place. But, I'll have to draw like 'I'm mad at it' as my dad would say to get us to do something with lots of verve. I can't complain about that, making journal pages in paradise! If you're in the area and would like to see all this secret stuff I'm not allowed to show, stop by our booth! Just kidding, its only slightly secret.