Monday, May 05, 2008

relaxing...for now

Happiness on the deck.

New Blythe doll, isn't she gorgeous?

Hi everyone! We are gearing up for busy times by relaxing on the porch, staring at ebay and etsy, eating loads of rice pudding (Sheila uses condensed milk AND coconut milk-how decadent is that?) dressing my dolls, undressing my dolls and making dolls... for the show (I'm being sneaky and using them for props on my table - pretty smart, huh, doing frivolous stuff I love for work!). So its been slow around here, Greg has been gone all weekend for the show in San Francisco and he gets in at some crazy early hour, I can't wait till he's home. Well, he will be bringing the illustrious Bob Burkett with him, so we can help each other have an amazing Bead & Button. We will have three weeks to make new goods, finish loads of stock and run around like its armageddon. I'm starting early (early for me) this year and made a new bead and planned several more. I can't decide whether to show it or not, in case it explodes in the process, then everyone wonders why I can't make a piece without air bubbles after 10 years of doing this. I need to make new clasps, everyone says so... I'm on it, I will not cave and make a bead or pendant which is so much more fun to make. Although I could rearrange Blythe in an intriguing pose with miniature food, in an interesting tableau that would amuse everyone when they come in for breakfast.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

haha! I was just thinking I wished you had more clasps and I didn't understand why you don't, cause I love your I understand. You are human, like the rest of us! I usually don't like making earrings, because it is replicatng two of the same thing. I find that boring! :)

Christopher Wilde said...

Since you have an interest in Blythe dolls I wanted to let you know I have just posted a follow up article to my first on Blythe dolls. I would love for your input in the comments section and please feel free to share the article with anyone you think might be interested.