Thursday, May 01, 2008

new drawing

New drawing I made using red pencil and (gasp) a 2H lead in a mechanical pencil. I haven't used such a delicate and light toned lead since I was forced to in college. For some reason, most drawing professors loved that soft focus, barely visible look. I hated it. Give me a black ball point pen! Anyway, I picked up the new Hi-Fructose magazine, filled with noodly images, tightly rendered in all manner of supplies, some in hard pencil. I got all inspired and thought I'd give it another whirl. The results are above... I still think pen is better.


Andrew Thornton said...

Nicely done! I especially like how the little bird girl at the bottom looks like Azalea. And you know I love the bunny.

Unknown said...

Pencil or not, I love this.

Unknown said...

Lovely drawing. I like the little creatures.
Ball point is the best, but it fades over time.