Friday, November 01, 2013

Magical moments in SF and Montara

There's nothing quite like enjoying a feast with friends at SF's famous Zuni's. Pictured above from the left: Saara, Kate and Jess. 
Jess Gaston and Kate Richbourg giving inspiration for treasure lockets at a trunk show.
Odd metal goats grazing on a hillside.
Ken is an amazing chef at Zuni's and made a sumptuous meal of Porqueto (pork belly wrapped around a roulade of pork shoulder and orange and fennel).
A lovely dinner that Ken and Chris prepared (fresh black eyed peas, squash, white sweet potatoe, roast chicken and mustard greens). Southern cooking at its best! 
Katje and Chris preparing fresh oysters while I enjoyed spicy clams and white wine.
Beautiful lichen and moss growing high in the mountains. The hike up was steep and covered in mist, probably the reason the trees were so covered in lichen they looked furry.
Gooseneck barnacles and tiny shells. Don't they look as though they could start chattering and squaking? 
Huge sea anenome on the beach. I'm totally enamoured with tidepools and could look at them all day.
More tidepool finds, this time with seaweed and starfish.
Kate knitting by the fire at Montara House. Part of the charm of staying at this seaside house is sitting by the fire, listening to the ocean, chatting and sipping nice wine. 
A view of Montara House from the sea side.
The docks at Montara is the best place to find delicious fish. Unless you get there late and it's all gone.
An opalescent hermit crab nestled between rocks.

I really love visiting my friends on the West Coast, especially our time at Montara House. It's a wonderful house party of creative folks enjoying good food, tasty cocktails and lively conversation. So many good ideas and artistic revelations happen, it's a place full of bright energy. Also, I think the slow pace is a perfect setting for painting, knitting, sketching and jewelry making. We enjoyed many evenings wax working with Bob Burkett, who joined us for a few days of intense technique building. It's simultaneously exploding with creativity and calm relaxation.

When I leave, I feel like some of the magic of those golden afternoons follow me.


Patti Cahill said...

Sounds heavenly...

Aurora said...

Hey, this is Aurora I'd like to complement your drawings of mermaids. They are very detailed! I love underwater sea creatures! It inspires me to draw thing's that seem hard to draw.