Tuesday, October 01, 2013

You make jewelry?

Yes! I still do! I also really love it too, after all this time. I was looking at my dragons horde of beads and organizing it, which I had been putting off for ages, when I found myself making a little pile of beads. The resulting necklace features beads from ( going top clockwise) Bobby Rhodes, Joanne Zekowski, 8 boro rondelles from various artists, pewter that we make, the brown an ivory bead is from Joanne,the real and ivory from Patti Cahill, the gorgeous rondelle in ivory with dots is from Wendy Bergamin out of Australia. The blue spotted big bead is from Calvin (Rene Yoshidas husband, can't find his last name). The last amber bead is from Joanne. I love this collection and have been wearing it everyday. I think I'll make another one in pinks.
I painted the insides of these lockets with acrylics and matte medium. I was going for a magical feel, like if you opened it, you would find yourself in another world. I might make some paper dolls to put on string for some movement. 


Unknown said...

I love the clouds in the cases - I think a jointed doll inside would be inspirational. Maybe add an old doll to one who's many dreams return her to the sun and sky and make her want to dance again.

You're such a great artist!

TesoriTrovati said...

Cloud cases! what a great concept! When you open it you could find a little trinket in there that would transport your mind to a new realm. Genius! And so nice to see what you are creating. Enjoy the day, Miss Cynthia! Erin