Friday, January 02, 2009


Hello! Look at the fun being had by my sis Sheila and our good friend Laura (of Talisman)! Laura brought this cool knitting machine for Azalea (who can be heard singing the theme song of Scooby Doo in the background) and its been in motion non stop! It takes like 20 minutes to make a scarf! Unbelievable! My love for A.C Moore grows everyday, such amazing finds. Today I picked up more yarn and a doll trunk for my Ellowynes for only 20 bucks! I know, awesome. I can't wait to customize it with fabric and some painting. Of course, I have to go back tomorrow to get one for Azalea!

That was my break from working my buns off! I mustv'e fooled with a hinge to a locket last night for hours, trying to design one that moved smoothly and was easy to make. Finally, after struggling all night with flawed designs, I came up with the perfect solution as the sun was just peeking over the mountain. Such relief. Anyway, it's really good and will make my book worth the money with that bit of usefulness. O.k. I think its my turn to crank out a scarf!


Unknown said...

OK, I need one of those machines. It makes us by-hand knitters look like chumps.

Hi Laura! Hi Sheila! And yes, Cynthia, when your book is done, please, please, please do visit. Don't forget to bring Greg, or you'll break Brandon's heart.

Sophie said...
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Sophie said...

Knitting machine looks tres cool!! I am in the process of knitting a Gryffindor scarf for my 9.5 yo DS. I swear I am channeling Mrs. Weasley! Got the Charmed Knits book and my five little needles out because there are no small enough circular needles in my it's taking a while...but is very crank away and meditate!!

03 January, 2009

Gaea said...

As fancy as your knitting machine is, you could have heard a pin drop in our house (not an easy task!) when your sweet little one started singing our favorite song! CUTE!

Unknown said...

Can you post a pic of what the scarf would look like when done? Im so curious to see!? Azalea what a little soft and sweet! What a little treasure!!
Do yall have snow? I miss snow and all things cold. It was 82 here today gads :(. I sure do dread the upcoming summer!

Andrew Thornton said...

That's witchcraft and a half! Lordy!

I miss you guys, but I know I'll see you all soon.

Melissa J. Lee said...

I had something like this on a smaller scale when I was a child - it was called "Knit Magic" (I believe it was put out by Mattel) and created the right sized tube for Barbie clothes. (We also stuffed small balls and bopped each other on the head with them, but that's another story.) It always seemed like such a good idea - I was wondering whether you could still get them on the market.

Castle in the Air said...

My daughter is going to lose her mind when she sees this - she is an intrepid knitter at 6 and I think this is just the thing!!
Her birthday is just this month. What could be better.
Best wishes for a crafty 2009!

-thomas jay said...

HA! that was great.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hey, thaanks everyone! We love that machine!

Eva-we want to come see you guys the second the manuscript hits fed ex! Yes, the machine is good times, but there is something nice about hand knitting too.

Katarina's Mama- I love Hogwart's and feel cheated that my letter never came. My friend Jessica says its the fault of the Reagan Administration! I saw that book, but know I'm too slow to finish anything in it!

Gaea- that girl loves to sing! She knows many songs and its pretty cute to hear her sing to music that I love (Dave Matthews & Jack Johnson!)

Janet- I will post a pic that sis took of the goods lined up. The machine basically knits a long tube, which could be leg warmers or wristlets....but its not really cold enough for all that! It hasn't snowed at all yet. It fluctuates from tee shirt weather to cold and rainy.But we still like our scarves!

Melissa- I didn't know of this thing of which you speak. Now I must have one! You know my dolls would enjoy knit goods!

Castle in the air- your daughter should greatly enjoy one of these devices! We do! It is also a good work out!

Hey TJ- that girl says 'hi!' and we all wonder when we will see you!

Melissa J. Lee said...

:) You can do cute stuff with that diameter tube, for sure (although the machine can only tolerate double-knitting weight yarn - anything thicker snarls up). If you're seriously interested, they do come up on eBay. In fact, I just checked - there's one there now. It's listed as an "antique" from 1974 - I can't tell you how thrilling it is to have reached "antique" age status.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Awesome! I'm on it!