Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Polymer pendants for 'Enchanted Adornments'.

The last few weeks have streaked by, unnoticed by myself as I've settled into a rhythm of sorts. It seems like one never ending evening, since I work all night, sometimes till dawn. I work better at night, listening intermittenly between books on tape and the wind rustling through the many trees. Its nice. I'm loving this strange cycle and I'm getting a lot done in the process. I feel slightly panicked as the deadline is rushing toward me, focusing my attention all the more sharply. The only drag is not spending the usual amount of time with my family and friends. I'm glad they are patient and undemanding.

I just finished listening to the 'Twilight' series by Stephanie Meyers, caving after hearing all the hype. I think they are o.k., but not amazing. I had difficulty relating to the young heroine, smitten beyond reasoning, ready to give up everything for a 'beautiful' boy. Maybe its just me, but I couldn't wrap my brain around the concept of being that entirely dependant, ready to die, ready to give up my family for a dude. Ok, I'm well over the intended age group, but I can still remember being an angst ridden teen, staring wide eyed at the local pretty boy. I think I may have thrown a tangerine at him. I liked to show affection by tormenting the object of my admiration , if they stuck it out, well then there you go. I was a tomboy, hopelessly disheveled from hanging out in orange groves and lake sides, hunting for interesting objects. Yep, I can't relate. I prefer a more rambunctious heroine, not afraid, not completely sissyfied (said sis-a- fied!). Anyway, it was o.k., I was entertained and annoyed (I hate figuring out the mystery too easily) and some of the characters are really funny. I'm going to listen to Susanna Clarkes 'Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell' and Neil Gaiman's 'Anansi Boys' again, because those are really darn good and they have a nice magical quality that I love. Ok, time to get back to work!


Andrew Thornton said...

Happy New Year! Sounds and looks like you are getting a lot done.

I like the cycle you're on myself. It does disconnect a bit, but I find it relaxing to be surrounded by the "quiet" of evening-song. I think the night is when I am most productive creatively. During the day, my brain shuts off and is only suitable for non-creative things.

I think tonight I'm going to make some hot chocolate and curl up and listen to a couple chapters of Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell. I'll be, of course, wire-wrapping. You know that I need to keep my hands busy or else I get sleepy.

Okay, kiss that baby for me and say hello to everyone! I hear you've got a full house. Happy New Year!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Oh, these are beautiful!!! I can't wait to read your book. I haven't read "Twilight" (yet - I bought the books for my mother for Christmas and she's enjoying them), but I will say that I enjoyed "Sunshine" by Robin McKinley a while back - not a love story, exactly, but an interesting relationship between the heroine and a vampire.

Melissa J. Lee said...

ps. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Hi Cynthia! Happy new Year too! That will be quite a book! We all cant wait to see it. Your a little hibernating bee lol.
Take good care! xox

belvedere beads said...

happy new year lady thornton.
may this greeting find you exactly where you want to be - and that the coming year will bring prosperity and a lightness of spirit. i send you dreams of pomegranates, pink moons and other poetic whimsies.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Cynthia! B and I miss you guys, as always.

I agree--most of my best writing happens after hours. The creative side of my own brain likes to sleep in until after about 3 in the afternoon. I can get work done before then, but it never really starts to flow until later.

Oh, and you'd better hide that owl if Andrew visits, or it might fly home in his suitcase...

Cynthia Thornton said...

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all your kind words!

Melissa- i will have to track down that book, it sounds like its right up my alley.

Eva- when this book is done, I want to come see you guys!

Belvedere- what a lovely wish! I'm sending you the same.

Janet- I can't wait for it to be finished as well!

Andrew- you will be enjoying this schedule soon, when you get your butt down here!

Sophie said...

Happy, happy New Year, Cynthia!

I can hardly wait to see what the new year will bring in your Creative Outbursts!!

I loved "Twilight" but agree with your summarization. I am now reading Cassandra Clare's "City of Ashes", the second in her series. Check out "City of Bones" the first book - it's really surprisingly good...takes about a fourth of the way into the book to really get rolling.

Happy 2009 - may it be filled with a sense of magic and wonder.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Hi! I left my best wishes for a wonderful New Year for you all on Greg's blog!

I am so excited for you and your truly exceptionally wonderful family for this year, 2009, and all the years to come!!!

wish I could give you all a BIG hug!

love you all, jean xox