Saturday, December 06, 2008

more progress

Hi! Here are some props to set up with the jewelry. This doll is based on antique mannequins. She's made out of polymer and wire and still needs her skirt - that piece of gauze is not it.
I thought this little snail would look neat sliding by a bracelet or something. I used a toy snail and doctored it up with polymer and acrylics.

This is a polymer and aluminum foil bust, sanded and sculpted to look like an antique wooden angel head. It needs paint and maybe hair, or painted hair. My mom has loads of Madonnas, cherubs and angels all through her house. I guess being surrounded by all the glittering wings and sad eyes soaked into my brain and manifested itself finally. Anyway, I thought she'd look good sporting a necklace, once she's finished.
Ok, that's what I've been up to, along with staring out the window, trying to think up the best, most awesome title the world has ever known. I like the input, keep it up! It's close, I can feel it.
Also, don't forget about Andrew's Fabulous Studio Sale! He's got owl's! He is giving away an artist card to winning bidders! That in and of itself is a good time. They are really nice, lots of layers of paint and paper, with swirly ink on top. Here's the link:


Jenny said...

The snail looks great!

Anonymous said...

cool! i remember you've been wanting to make those dolls for displaying jewelry for a long time. that snail looks cool too!

title ideas:
magical jewelry techniques
mythical jewelry techniques
magical jewelry: modern methods

Anonymous said...

oh, and, please post azalea belle picts soon! i miss that little girl!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely snails house!

Carter said...

That snail is very magical!!!

Jamie Hogsett said...

Your book is going to freaking ROCK Cynthia - I can't wait!

Mellisa said...

I agree, the snail is really fabulous!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Catching up on my blog reading tonight. As far as titles go, I like Andrew's Alchemist and Practical Magic titles. Here's my contribution to the pot:

Metamorphosis: Mixed Media Jewelry

I just noticed that the cute kokeshi bead is in your catalog - don't know how I missed it previously. It's at the top of my list now! My mother mailed up a bunch of my old toys for the SO a couple months ago, including the kokeshi my father brought me from Japan when I was a child - not nearly so nice as your rendition, but it still brought back memories.

Beth Hikes said...

Wow, now you've really got my head spinning with ideas for props. You are so darn creative. That tiny snail with the houses on its back are so wonderful. I also really love the first doll, and am thinking I like her with just the metal structure as the skirt. She feels undressed and sort of like an old mannequin. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

so wonderful! a book of wonders!