Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I fell in

I know, people, I fell in a monster amount of work and couldn't get out. These are a few things that kept me from going glassy-eyed and slumped over my desk, but not in any particular order. One, my girls! Andrew got me the strapless dress for my birthday and Greg surprised me with the blond doll and the other outfits. I'm feeling mighty spoiled. Note: I repainted the red wig doll's make up, fancying myself a 'professinal' since I know my way around paint and brushes. Its much harder than it looks.

Two, Paloma, a Mourning Dove we rescued from death by Paddy (our loving, yet murderous gentleman cat). We found this bird on our back porch, freshly hatched and looking scraggly. We took pity on her and brought her in and proceeded to try and figure out what kind of bird she was. At that point, she had a few pin feathers and was mostly covered with fluffy down. Our detective work included comparing beak shapes and local bird varieties and sizes, till we finally agreed on 'dove'. Sheila fed her baby bird food for weeks until she could eat seed. Now look at how she has filled out! We moved her out of quarantine to join the other birds and now she is very happy and makes the sweetest cooing sound. She is also remarkably soft, so much so that it is tempting to squeeze her little body hard like Lenny, from Mice and Men.

Ok, here is three! I took my sister-in-law Jenny shopping downtown and we stopped in at Tops (a delightfully well-stocked shoe store) and I found these lovelies! They are from Seychelles and remind me of something a pirate queen, or steampunk girl might wear....yes, its love. And yes, they hurt after a few hours.
The last and best, would be the awesome visit with Jenny (Greg's sis) and Anne (his mom) who came for Thanksgiving. It was nice to catch up, feast and run around town. We went to the Grove Park fancy pants spa and hotel to look at an exhibit of gingerbread houses. It was really amazing what folks can do with dough and sugar.
It was nice to relax and watch some t.v., we picked up Hancock and watched food network mostly. I really liked Hancock, it surprised me and made me love Will Smith even more. I really want to see Twilight and Secret Life of Bees, but I'll have to put in more hours before I earn it. Now the house feels a little bleak with Jenny and Anne back in Cincinatti. Azalea is running around chatting up a storm about when is grandma coming, where is Aunt Jenny, why is it just YOU and daddy? Yep, its back to the grind.


Andrew Thornton said...

I miss you guys a lot. It's good that you're getting work done. The shoes you got look like Ellowyne shoes... like she would wear them.

It's good that Paloma is getting out of solitary confinement. I felt bad for her since she wasn't getting played with. It's good. Now she'll be happier, I think.

Maybe she's cooing because the owl nesting dolls are looking in on her and she feels threatened. Like, "Why are they looking at me? They won't stop!!! THEY DON'T EVEN BLINK!!! THEY ARE GOING TO EAT ME, AREN'T THEY!?!?!?!?"

Unknown said...

As cute and pettable as that dive is, please do not attempt to carry it in your pocket and stroke it with your thumb.

Love the shoes, and the dolls.

Unknown said...

Oh man. DOVE, not dive. Blegh.

Stephanie said...

There are alot of Mourning Doves here in Tucson, AZ. I love the cooing sounds they make. When I first moved here I didn't know about them. When I heard all the cooing I thought my neighbor was getting some frequent and awesome sex, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Cool shoes! and thanks for posting a picture of Paloma. I was wondering what she looked like now. She was so scraggly looking before.

Unknown said...

What shoes! I know you love them...I sure do. I think everyone that sees them will love them lol.
The dolls I wonder what they do at night when the house is quiet and all are asleep?! LOL One can Only Imagine! xx

Cynthia Thornton said...

Y'all are so funny! Paloma is sweet and makes such cute noises! I guess she does sound a little...loving.

I love those shoes! They make me tall!

Janet, that talk will creep out my sister in law who is afraid of dolls for that reason! I like the idea of them running around, maybe picking up dust bunnies, or some other useful job.

Anonymous said...

Not the doll you said looked like Eva, she was up to some mischief getting in those tree-holes!

Unknown said...

Eva dolls would never be caught doing housework in the middle of the night.

Unknown said...

Actually I think they prolly have lingerie parties dressing up (and all of that) LOL
I couldnt help that hahaha

Carter said...

Love the shoes!!
And they're tall enough that maybe they'll help you climb through that paper mountain!
Best of luck

Cynthia Thornton said...

Ok, y'all getting crazy, coming up with things young Ellowyne does at night! I would prefer if she'd be useful...none of this partying and trying on shoes! That is for me to do when I'm supposed to be working!

Carter- those shoes are tall enough that I could scrabble on up any mountain! As long as it didn't take to long...my arches would give out.