Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weirder and weirder

Ok. I've been tagged to list seven weird things about me. That should be fairly easy- or hard to decide which seven of the dozens of oddities that I posess.

1. I love cosmetics. Passionately. Especially perfume. I could spend hours in Sephora, trying out lipsticks, spraying colognes, perusing eyeliners and smelling creams. Although the weird thing is, I don't really wear much at all. I think its the promise of a product that will change my life, like the way vanilla essential oil eliminated my depression forever. Totally true. Sephora is my candy store.

2. I am obsessed with dolls- it was Barbies, Little Kiddles, Strawberry Shortcake and oddly Golden Girls (a type of She-Ra doll that has nothing to do with the show) when I was kid (is 14 still considered a 'kid'?). Now its artist dolls and most recently, Ellowyne Wilde, a gorgeous doll that makes me feel like sewing for her. Now I need man dolls. And shoes.

3. I tried to have a home birth for Azalea Belle. I didn't have so much as an aspirin when I was birthing her. If I ever get knocked up again, I will probably not try to give birth in the house. There aren't enough pain killers here.

4. I despise musicals. The moment characters begin singing and dancing for no reason (a good reason is they are performing on stage or recording) I begin to feel very aggravated and annoyed and start looking for a way out. The Phantom of the Opera is an exception and happened during my opera phase (which could be a weird thing, I was very into Luciano Pavarotti and saw him up close in concert). I never saw The Sound Of Music or Annie. An American Werewolf in London and Dragon Slayer were favorites when kids were talking about disney movies (shudder).

5. I love junk food. Especially spam. This is terrible, I know, but its love so I can't help it. I also love fancy food and slow cooked meals, but my heart is all aflutter at the thought of fair food.

6. I bought a lime green Neon with a black racing stripe down the front, when I was young and ignorant. Now I know that a fancy paint job does not mean good, or fast. Man, I looked like a fool.

7. I used to work at a haunted house prop workshop and made all manner of nasty, gross and scary masks and bodies. I had a real gift for making a corpse look like it was writhing with maggots. Very convincing.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. I could mention my deep respect and utter admiration (maybe stalker-like obsession) for Neil Gaiman. I check his blog a few times a day, to see what's new and ready to read. He is just so interesting... no facinating! But I don't like him like that, of course! Greggy is the apple of my eye. Well, luckily for me, I'm too wiped out to mention anymore tidbits. We worked long and hard today on polymer samples for my book, they look really neat.


belvedere beads said...

ooh, the wonderland that is sephora - i have a thing for lipstick, especially chanel lipstick. which is stupid because i hardly ever wear anything but the clear. nevertheless, i have tubes and tubes of the stuff in the most delicious outrageous colors. and dior, i once had a tube or brilliant red dior that smelled just like roses.

i too hate musicals, but loathe spam.

your list was very entertaining.

Carter said...

I had fun reading your list!
I am a cosmetic junkie too, and love Sephora as well, but never wear makeup!

And any time you want to go to the fair and eat junk, I'm right there with you! I really consider myself kind-of a health freak, but I have a secret craving for junk food too. Have eaten nothing but pizza this weekend, and now can't figure out why I feel like a pizza ;)

Unknown said...

Its so neat to read how intresting other people are! Esp the different experiences theyve had. My weirdest thing was prolly as a job I was a makeup artist and painted store manniquins in Garden City NY. Now that was a really great job!!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

that was very funny and awesome to read. I have a couple of the same traits except I want a Prudence for Christmas!

I tried with opera. I do have a cousin who has gone all his life and now takes his adult son -- he used to attend in a cape. I made horror houses as a kid in a friend's basement and we made a lot of money doing it, when we were in the mood, cause we would charge. Her brother would make great ghastly noises and he would wave his hand, up from behind a trunk, covered in candle wax to look like warts, with a blinking red flashlight on it. He was "the big finale".

I too love Sephora and would spend tons there if I didn't also think that Bobbi Brown is going to make me beautiful, everytime, for the first time in my life, even though the colors she chooses are far more appropriate for you than for me. She just can't help it--she likes your gorgeous coloring. Plus she herself is brunette. Not an albino like me. :)

I tagged Greg for this but he is too ... well I don't know what! I can;t put my finger on it. But I will say this -- I knew he wouldn't do it! But I wanted him to know I tagged him!

jean xox

Unknown said...

My boyfriend has a similar love affair with Spam. At first I was dead set against it, but I have to admit that it has grown on me. :)