Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Faery Con 2008

Hey everybody! Here are some pics of our recent adventure...Faery Con!

This is Azalea and Greg posing with Toby Froud and his goblin (can you believe this guy is the baby in Labrynth with David Bowie?) Azalea made fast friends with the goblin, attempting to tame his wild ways with Snapee Crisps. I think it worked, at least it did on Toby.

Here's the view from our hotel window, overlooking the city at dusk. It seemed otherworldly in that lighting.

Azalea posing in front of the view. She's a ham, in case you didn't know.

Look at the concentration on that painted brow...determined to make the finest fairy finery for mama. The folks at Faery Con thought up a good plan to keep the little ones occupied, Faery Academy, a place for kids to make corn dolls, wands , crowns and also to paint faces.
Well, Faery Con is over and I'm relieved. I don't think I want to vend again, its three long days , you miss all the talks because your'e tending to customers and its exhausting working all day, then going to the masquerade after. So we will just go next year to meet the authors and artists.
We had the best time visiting with Wendy Froud, the acclaimed doll artist and Holly and Theo Black (she wrote Spiderwick ) it was nice catching up and talking about artistic processes. That is my favorite part, spending time with artists I admire so much. That and shopping the market- buying wings and masks is so much fun!
So Azalea, me and Andrew are in NY for the week. Since we've been here, we explored Chinatown, ate dim sum, went to FAO Schwarz (to look for Ellowyne stuff) strolled through Central Park then went home to make a pork tenderloin with roasted apples and onions and mashed white sweet potatoes. It was yummy. Now we are heading out to find big shrimp, perfume and possibly more dolls. I brought one of my girls so I could take pictures, but I've found that I don't like haling a lot of stuff around. What i need is some kind of wagon or cart to put it in. Now that would make it easy. And slightly crazy.


Unknown said...

Azalea looks beautiful! She's getting so big, even just since we visited.

Also, seeing that picture of Toby Froud makes me realize how very, very old I'm getting. Good God.

Unknown said...

You guys are so Blessed! You must do in a short time what other people take to do in years! Cynthia did yall wear costumes this year? The picture outside your hotel window may not be Hawaii but its pretty none the less! Yall must be tired!
Janet x

Anonymous said...

wagon or cart. hahahahahahah.
I love it :-)

Andrew Thornton said...

I tagged you! CLICK HERE and see!

a girl said...

the faery academy sounds like a wonderful place to be!!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Eva- You know I did not feel all that young when he introduced himself! I thought 'I loved that movie when I was like 12!' Oh well, its all in how you feel, right?

Janet- I did not dress up, but Greg went as Jen from the Dark Crystal. He looked really good!

Heather- you know I need the radio flyer to pull my goods. It makes sense.

Andrew- why have you tagged me? You think folks want to know anything to make them think I'm weirder than they do already?

cagrowngirl- yes Faery Academy was good times.

Andrew Thornton said...

Ha ha ha! You should do it because it's funny and people get to know a little bit more about you. Sharing is caring!