Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hey there! Today is our 4th anniversary! We were married at the Botanical Gardens here in Asheville. It was the most perfect day, we had a fairy procession up tho the gazebo, while Greg played his guitar as I walked up. That was the best day.

Azalea and daddy, having a rest from searching for water fairies. You have to be very quiet, or the pixies won't show themselves!

That's me, staring at my doll with love in my heart, while Andrew digs around in the bank. I think he was hunting for what he colorfully referred to as 'frat kid glass' (the garden is next to a college), lovely, tumbled glass pebbles from broken boro pipes. We deduced this from partially intact specimens laying nearby.

I love this picture, it reminds me of something on a cd cover. Everyone looking off into the distance, slightly bored, except the lead singer, who always gazes right into the lens. I could be just that I'm really tired and everything looks good in this light.

This is my darling, Eva. We named her that because are bestest buddy by the same name, came immediately to mind when I opened the box. She is from Wilde Imaginations new line for fall. Look at the trouble maker heading for a hole in the tree.

Another view (because I know you can't get enough) looking gothic and overdressed in the warm sunshine. I have to say, I love her clothes and shoes and wouldn't mind being 16" tall so I could try them on. Although being any shorter than I am right now doesn't sound that great.
What a day! We went to 'our' garden, visited the place where we said 'forever' and wished our happiness would last another 40 years. We drove the mustang around, praised her purring engine, then promptly ran out of gas. Not surprising in a gas guzzler. We went across the street and filled her up and continued the adventure. I can't count how many times I've run out of gas. In that car especially, the gauge is off, so even if its running on fumes, it shows as having half a tank. It used to not work at all when I was in college and had to gather some art school boys to help me remove the tank from under the trunk. That was an amusing sight. Skinny girl getting dirty under the car with six guys standing around looking blank. Eventually one read the manual and helped. Those were the days I could fix my own car, 'cause I was too broke to take it in to the shop!
Anyway, we got back and worked on the book, Andrew wire wrapping crystals and me writing away. I love the process, so many layers to work on. I've painted backgrounds with jewel toned watercolors, inked decorative borders and made transparencies to lay over backgrounds, to add texture. we are really having fun laying out the pallette of beads to use. Goods are coming out that I didn't even know I had, vintage swarovski's, baby blue kyanite strands, faceted pearls....Andrew jokes that folks are going to get annoyed if I use too many hard to find beads! I can't help it, I'm a collector and my collection is vast. So, I'm dying to post pics of our progress, but its all unfinished and I don't want folks to see before its done- pieces can change so quickly. We shall see what I have the nerve to show.....


Melissa J. Lee said...

Happy Anniversary - my husband and I were married 4 years ago in October, too. Isn't it amazing how much life can change in just a few years?

Carter said...

Congratulations!!! How nice that you celebrated by returning to the place of your vows.
Great pics too! Looks like everybody had a good time.
And "frat boy glass" it!

Can't wait to see and hear more about the book. I know it's going to be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos! I think Eva will be pleased you named your doll after her. It does look like her, doesn't it? I like the details on the dress and black eyeliner. The botanical gardens are pretty this time of year.

Unknown said...

Eva is VERY PLEASED, Sheila! Seeing that totally made my day--she's lovely.

Cynthia, Brandon and I wish you guys a very happy anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that Brandon was hiding in the bushes, afraid to show himself in his costume. We miss you guys very much.

Tom said...

Happy anniversary!

I had a faulty gas/temp guage problem. (doesn't really matter now. there's a good chance my car's totaled as of this week. :( )It turned out to be the guage itself. At least it wasn't the speedometer.

laurelmoon said...

That's wonderful! Happy Anniversary! *hugs*

Unknown said...

What lovely pictures you all look so nice! Happy Anniversary to you too youre such a handsome looking couple Cynthia..x
Thats a sassy doll better watch her for Mischief LOL!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

WELL Jim and I will have been married 19 years next April. cam't wait for 20 cause I want something golden and LOTR-ish for my beautiful slender finger, with runic writc and stuff on it.!!! :)

NOBODY would have thought we would last, what with two kids apiece already(that is 4!)...and then the three kids which followed--especially as two of those are considered marriage buster uppers. That is correct: statistically, autism breaks up marriages. Regularly.

Surprisingly,however, it brought us even closer together and we will never ever be apart. I was just thinking yesterday about the fact that even our arguments don't last longer than minutes. Fighting is such a waste of time!

Happy Anniversary, and as always, you all completely cool in your pics. Including your stunning doll! She is gorgeous.

Love you all xox

Cynthia Thornton said...

Thanks everyone! It has been a beautiful four years!

Tom-old cars can be so tempermental. Just like folks, I guess.

Melissa- it IS amazing how much can change! Seems like I was such a slacker back then, w/o my baby to tend and all that free time.

Eva-you know how gorgeous you are. Email me at

carter-thanks lady! I'll post some pics!

laurelmoon-thank you!

janet- you know I've got both eyes on that doll, all the time.

sheila-na-gig - yes, we had lots of fun.

Jean- I wonder what your LOTR ring will look like? I thought my ring had a mystical quality. We designed them and had Russel Smith of Shattered Light carve and cast them. He's outstanding. And nice.

Sophie said...

Happy, happy anniversary!!! We just celebrated our 15th in September and it seems like only yesterday it was our 4th. Time = flies.

I also had to share this with you. My 9 yo son who shares my love of All Things Fantasy wrote to Tony deTerlizzi recently and his "artwork" is on Tony's site -

He's bringing the drawing and letter Tony sent him in return. As well as his autographed Spiderwick book.

So cool. I still have to make him something out of the very beautiful dragon's egg you sent. I just had to share how your artistic generosity reaches out and inspires our next generation of (hopefully) little artists.