Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hi! Azalea and I enjoyed a quiet weekend just the two of us (Greg's in Minnesota facing snow waist deep to do a show). We cleaned the house and watched movies on saturday (sci-fi channel and cartoons) taking breaks to go outside and play with this amazing bubble stuff Greg won at a party. Its some glue-like substance you add to the end of a straw and blow out, forming bubbles that you can hold. We had lots of fun being experimental with that. Later that evening we went to Brian and Jen's house for dinner and craft night. We had an awesome feast that the guys (Brian and T.J.) made- portobella burgers with caramelized onions and roasted peppers, sweet potatoe fries, quinoa with kale and sweet potato puree. Then I showed them how to felt with needles and wool roving. We made beads and I started a small bird for Azalea to pin on her shoulder. My girl had a good time stringing wooden beads and helping me pick colors for felting, she tried wet felting and made a nice bead.
Today was kind of wet, but we took a drive on the parkway and went to the new Earthfare, which is really nice. We have been painting and coloring all day, me working on my illo friday submission, and Azalea making pics of daddy with her rainbow pencil. We had Lady in the Water playing while we worked, I love that movie more each time I see it (or listen, I should say) it is so beautiful. I have Love Actually on now, and I have to say it is one of my all time favorites, even if it is a sappy romatic comedy. Its right up there with Sense and Sensibility (I love Alan Rickman)anyway,I could go on and on, so have a good night.Check out these amazing paper flowers, so inspiring!

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Debbie Egizio said...

These photos are just beautiful. The bottom image is very dream like.