Monday, February 12, 2007

Greg and Azalea, happy to be home.
My new friend Mike Roman, the fabulous best friend of the stunning Jolene Starr.
Sea salt caramels, a wasabi and a chili truffle from Chocolate Fetish,one of the best things about Asheville.
The group shot is of Lisa Blackwell, Jessica Wiesel and Bob Burkett.

Tony Blackwell from Zoa Art at the Whole Bead Show.

Hello everybody! Finally back from the worlds longest ride! Tucson was amazing this year! We had so much fun at the shows and shopping! We got home saturday night and I can tell you i have never been happier to be on own turf! Shows can be so exhausting, getting up really early everyday, standing continuously and rushing to write up orders. We are so grateful to have such patient customers (thank you, thank you!) otherwise, it would've been a mad house! Of course, when we saw how many messages awaited us, we realized the mad house had yet to begin.

February in Tucson is such an inspiring time for artists, because so many artists attend the shows. We had a blast visiting with the fine folks from Zoa Art, Tony and Lisa Blackwell, the marvellous Bob Burkett, the festive Paula Best just to name a few. That is the best part of the shows, really, is seeing old friends and making new ones. I always love seeing our customers who make it all worthwhile.

Speaking of old/new friends, we sought out the elusive LeeAnne Hartman in Gallup, NM on the way home and had an inspiring visit. She is so kind and ridiculously talented, I can't wait to add her work to our offerings! She will be producing pieces for us soon, so check our new stuff pages to see for yourself.

Since I got home I've been really sick, weak and tired, which is a bummer since I'm so jacked up and ready to make art. I think I'm well now, so back to work! I don't have the energy I used to, which makes it hard for me to fun, crafty projects when I know I have designing to do. Oh well, maybe I should just do what I feel like doing and see what happens. Anyway, here are some pics from our trip.


Jenny said...

The picture of Greg and Azalea is really nice.

Andrew Thornton said...
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Andrew Thornton said...

I had such a WONDERFUL time in Tucson! I can't wait till next year. So many wonderful and amazing people. Maybe next year we can bring Girl Wonder. I can pick up a mermaid costume for her and she can hand out business cards! :-)

Hope you feel better. Just roll with the inspiration and you'll be led right!