Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hello, out there! It's quiet here,in the wee hours of the night. My favorite time to work - I can hear myself think, I can also hear myself sketch, the pen scratches the paper in the most satisfying way. I've had a pleasant day, went to Salsa's for lunch, then went to see Pan's Labrynth by myself. I loved and hated it at the same time. I hate watching war movies- I absolutely detest the concept of war, I also hate when people explain the necessity of it to me,I always think there has to be a better way, a more civilized, less barbaric way to sort things out. But then I suppose that is too simple. So, I loved the parts in the movie that dealt with fantasy, felt sick during the violent spots. I am such a wimp. Anyway, it was good despite my desire to have a fairy in every shot.

Speaking of fairies, I think I will make some dolls tommorow, out of pipe cleaners and fake flowers. I should work on something useful, but lately I have no desire to do anything of the sort. Besides, Azalea would enjoy making little baby fairies, she's crafty too. I found a website that is loads of fun to shop, (I would put the link, but some reason it isn't working). I found lots of interesting hip pouches (very useful at shows) and some cool jewelry. Also, I've been enjoying some very fine chocolates from the good people at the Xocolate Bar- I love the cardamon truffles and the lavender infused marshmallows. I know I talk a lot about chocolate, but I only have like two a day. Although the marshmallows are pretty dang tasty! Look at their site its yummy too. Anyway, chocolate is good for you.


Andrew Thornton said...

Glad you finally saw Pan's Labrinyth. I think it's a great movie. Looks like you've had a productive evening with the sketch book. I can't sleep. I'm exhausted, but can't sleep. I am worried and anxious for my stranger, I guess. I hope she is well. I should go back to my reading, which would be the productive thing to do, but if you said you don't like war... then reading about the Middle Ages wouldn't be your cup of tea.

Cynthia Thornton said...

What a crazy thing to see! I hope your subway lady is ok. You should put on that Weeping Camel movie-that will help you sleep. I love the middle ages. They were uncivilized to begin with, but it is annoying to read what would induce a war(the crusades). You'd think they were bored.