Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hello! This is my entry for the annual Saul Bell Jewelry Contest. I hope they give me the go-ahead to create my design. I actually started the pmc chain, and its nearly done. What a pain! It would be far easier in wax, but the challenge is for precious metal clay. The cage is the hardest part, I'm building it on a cork clay armature. I like the cage concept, even if it does't get picked I'm still going to produce it.

I make lists continuously in my sketchbook, here are a few:

favorite shows:
Project Runway
Avatar:The Last Air Bender
Extreme Makeover
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Top Chef

things to do:
carve new waxes
work on story
prepare for Hawaii show

food eaten today:
cocoa puffs/cheerios mix
hot dog
fried chicken
dried strawberries
coffee w/ kahlua
beef jerky
peanut butter oreos

write book
create new line of mini charms
learn to use my serger
make Azalea new dolls


Jeremiah Ketner said...

oh my thats all you ate today. Would you like me to come over and cook for you?

Jenny said...

Heyyy...that necklace turned out great! Looks awesome!

So it's just clay that when it's heated turns into metal? Or something like that? You might have to explain it to me again...heh

I'm gonna need you to tell me where I can order some of that wax, or wax like it (I'd prefer some without that flowery scent) unless there's no such wax without it...

Call me whenever you want! I love hearing from you. Give Azalea a kiss for me! :) xoxo


Andrew Thornton said...

You should add Stringing to your list. Deadlines are coming up. Oh and you should send some pieces if you want me to use some (ASAP!)... otherwise it's going to be all Lillypilly and Candice Wakumoto stuff I use!