Saturday, July 22, 2006

Worked like crazy all week. My sis watched Azalea from 8am till 10 pm while i sculpted waxes. I didn't move myself from the table till after midnight. I haven't been this productive in ages! I think this week has been so amazing because i haven't been able to grasp the subtlety of wax carving. My mentor Bob Burkett has tried everything to help me learn his technique (which can only be described as pen and ink in 3-d) but my brain refused to cooperate. Then, on Monday i sat down and said "this is easy, i can do this, dang it!" and put it in The Lord of the Rings and just faded out. I suddenly realized i wasn't struggling or cursing or feverishly annoyed. I HAD IT!!! I couldv'e cried. So, i haven't stopped from the moment i woke up till i sleep. I don't want to break the spell. Today i was sick and my hands hurt so i took a break and slept a lot. I have about 15 pieces that are midway finished...i will show those when done. I hope the new pieces cast clean. I will die if all that work is ruined. The work we make here is so interesting to me because of the many steps that must be followed to get the end product. It is the work of many people.

Speaking of many people, our house has been filled to the gills with company! Our artist friends like to visit and make things (our studio holds lots of fun equipment). I think the atmosphere is really positive, full of a great energy. All the music being created, the art, the conversation has really inspired me. Now im ready to go back to work!

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