Friday, July 14, 2006

Back from Seattle, had an eventful show. So many great ideas to add to the list. The Asheville retreat idea got lots of people excited but i wonder if people would come. I suppose price would be the biggest factor. So, i put up the pieces that i worked on while i was in Florida...i dont know how i feel about them yet. They are much different from the work i usually do (see gallery on but i think its alot looser for me. Egg tempera is so detail oriented, so wonderful to work with, i hope i can incorporate the medium with this new style. Im just happy to be painting anything lately. After my daughter Azalea was born i stopped making finished pieces (i just worked in my sketchbook) and now that shes almost two, i have more time t o do more work (which is good, since im a workaholic).
Im in Cincinatti right now visiting family (home one day.....) and am really excited about visiting my buddy Jessica Wiesel, a talented vision of an artist. She is going to edit a childrens story i finished writing while on the plane to Seattle. My good friend Jeremiah Ketner is illustrating it. I will give more details as it gets closer to the finish line. We plan to have a productive day tomorrow.
I've been in a weird mood the last few days, the stuff on the news lately really made me feel sort of hopeless and depressed. I hate when i hear about people doing horrible things (the gang that hurt the little girl, the bombs in India....) i feel like evaporating. I want to escape. I want to find a magic box that opens to a place of warmth and sunshine , a place where punkass, useless people are disentegrated the moment their atoms connect with my magic box. Ok, a wonderous and delightful thought, i know, but just a dream. So ive been making more pieces in my quiet despair (more like loud agitation) and i will show that stuff later. Im off to sleep.

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