Friday, June 22, 2012

treasures from bead and button 2012

I look forward to the Bead and Button Show every year mostly to see my friends that live far away, but also for the amazing variety of artist beads available. Above are my all time favorite beads to collect by the inimitable Anne Choi. Check out how gorgeous that bronze looks. I am so happy.
I thought of my mama when I saw these. She loves technicolor accessories so I picked these up at Jane's Bead's and Fiber's. They are made from actual orchid blossoms dipped in resin. I don't know how they made them, its some witchy process that keeps them from wilting or fading. I pinned the bluish one in my hair.
This collection of graphic and lustrous ceramic pieces come from Earthenwood. I particularly love the white heart and the root baby faces. The rustic little faces are so sweet. I think they would look neat wire wrapped with bright blue beads. And maybe some bronze. The heart is destined for a sample to go with a couple of heart links from my site, maybe a chain of them, since they are pretty light.
Nowadays I only buy a few lampwork beads here and there, because I've amassed a healthy sized collection from my favorite artists. I picked up these pieces for their ancient and velvety feel. They are textured somehow and have a lovely matte quality, like stones. Its hard to see in the pictures, but the topmost bead has loads of swirling colors through the striped design. It reminds me of old trade beads and woven carpets. They are from Joanne Zekowski's workbench, from Georgia. To order her beads, email her at .
The weird dragon eye was purchased for my daughter Azalea who loves monsters and fairies. It was made by the talented Wayne Robbins who specializes in luminous looking frogs with sparkly eyes or hand carved bronze clay jewelry which can be found in their etsy shop Judie Mountain.
The lovely bezel pendant comes from Erin Prais-Hintz and her beautiful etsy shop Tesori Trevati. I love the finish on this piece, its so tactile! When Erin gifted this piece to me, I was so pleased and delighted! I went back to my booth and put it on a silk ribbon and wasn't at all surprised at how well it went with my outfit. The colors are are very rich and the piece feels very sturdy. I love it.

I picked up other bits throughout the show, some ribbon for doll clothes, some sparkly faceted glass and two amonites from Gary Wilson. I forgot to take the picture, but they are super opalized, with loads of rainbow sparkle. His booth space encompasses four spaces now. Its very hard not to go crazy with Gary's selection of carved stones. I also found a slab of whitish beige fossilized coral that is destined to be a photo prop for my pieces. I like the subtle firework pattern on the surface, which has cloth-like appearance. It'll turn up in my next batch of pictures for my etsy shop.


Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Love your treasures! I hope to attend this show next year as I have read nothing but good things about it. Have fun creating!

Amy F said...

Those are some great finds! I love seeing with everyone found :)

gelfling50 said...

Your work is Brilliant and awesome ta boot...Just simply fabtabulous