Friday, June 22, 2012

Bead and Button 2012

The show is long over and I'm just now sitting down to look back at all the good times we enjoyed. Look how pleased Andrew is! I'm standing on a chair, attempting to capture the scale of the show, but we are just the first couple of booths on the right wall, a tiny portion of this huge bead paradise!
Andrew is really good about taking pictures, I, on the hand, tend to forget my camera is in my pocket. Here he is taking a picture of our amazingly fun friend Elisa Jennings Sullivan working the Beadin Path booth. We had such a good time with Elisa in the evenings! We went to a ping pong bar, a painting bar, played pool in a hip hop dance bar and enjoyed some tasty beverages at spy friendly Safe House. That girl is fun.
You might recognize the rowdy bunch at the Earthenwoods booth, Erin Siegel and Lorelei Eurto and of course Melanie Brooks. I love Melanie's amazing ceramic work. It has such a lovely feel.
Look how pretty Heather Wynn looks. I love her stuff. I picked up a stamped copper charm that reads 'forever' and put it on a chain with some of my wings. We enjoyed spending quality time with Heather, Lorelei and Katie Wall at some frenchy bar I can't think the name of, while making Greg draw pictures of everyone. It was fun.

The 2012 show felt like it went by in a flash. The lead up to the show was pretty intense, staying up late and carving wax with the remarkable Bob Burkett, pressing bronze coins and making resin and wire wings all day. When we finally got to the show after an all day drive, the weather was amazing and energizing. It felt weird to be away from the studio, like I was in a different dimension or something. It was nice to get away from constantly working, although it was a lot of work standing at the show all day. The best part of the show is visiting my buddies of course.

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Lorelei Eurto said...

Fun times! It was fabulous to meet you finally and actually hang out! I hope we can meet up again someday soon!