Monday, July 04, 2011

Resin Reliquaries

Beautiful and unusual reliquaries are easy and fun to make with a few readily available supplies and a simple method. Create ornate frames or tiny wonder cabinets with a variety of finishes and textures, imbedded with sparkling stones and fragile botanicals. This workshop will cover a good variety of useful and spontaneous techniques: simple carving, resin basics (tinting, imbedding, pouring, finishing) and paint finishes.

This is one of the workshops I will be teaching at Art Fest 2012! These little frames/boxes are fun to create and are surprisingly simple in their construction. Interestingly, I developed this technique as a teenager, when funds and supplies were extremely limited! I guess that old adage 'necessity is the mother of invention' is proven true once again. Join Andrew and I for this useful and fun workshop this spring!


Alice said...

Oh, I wondered what treasures you would be making in your class. These are lovely--and I wish I could be there!

Unknown said...

The resin class I wish I could go! These classes are in Washinton state? * far. But Texas may as well be in another counrty, not a centeralized place lol. Really lovely what youve made Cynthia!