Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hello! We are in Miami right now, on the last day of the Best Bead Show. Azalea and I have been camped out in the hotel room, working on the last illustrations for my book. They are lookin' good! I'm using a mix of gemstone watercolors and gouche, for an ethereal quality.
Today, we are going to work at the show behind the booth, while Andrew tends the customers. This should be interesting. I have a few more days to finish, so I'm painting every chance I get! Then I will be done, so I can relax and think about what I 'm craving. Lately, the cravings are flan, sweet tea and madeliene cookies. I eat healthy so its ok to indulge! Names I like today are: Max, Jackson and maybe Forest and for girls Viola, Tiger Lily and Rose.


Anonymous said...

azalea looks so beautiful! sweet angelcake. can't wait to see your book, sounds like a fountain of delights!

steve and i think your baby will be a boy for some reason. just a hunch. what names did azalea come up with? those should be good to pick from.

Lorelei Eurto said...

I love your name choices for "today". lol- awesome.

Jenny said...

I love the name Viola :) Or violet.

And Max is my fave so far for a boy. :)

Don't forget my dream it was a girl with Azalea, so...I'm betting on another girl. hehe


nina said...

and i, as you know, feel that the baby is a boy. max, forest - lovely!!! and all of the girls' names are so dear as well. remember my story about the woman named iris rose who married mr. lily....true story, that one.
i have some of my homemade flan in the fridge just waiting for you.
i'll be writing about my visit with you, azalea and andrew tomorrow....sending love - xo

Sophie said...

Lovely names for both boys and girls...enjoy madelienes. Yum.

a girl said...

Jackson is becoming a popular name - two actors named their young ones Jackson within a week of each other.

Wonderful names to choose from.

I wish I was in Miami...sounds like a lot of fun.

Unknown said...

Awww nice names!
Azalea...shes going to be a model!
She is so photogenic!