Monday, April 06, 2009


New buttons, charm and bead from Anne Choi's delightful new line.

Tiny shells, irridescent wing pearls, roman glass and the smallest turquoise, coral and pearl beads I've ever seen. Found at the American Gem Expo.

Persimmons, cacao pod chips and a long 'tango' pear found at the Buford Hwy. Farmers Market in Atlanta.

We got home last night from our long weekend trip to Atlanta, disappointed to return to such cold and snow after enjoying such beautiful weather. It was a nice little trip, Greg worked the show while Azalea and I ran around town with our good friend Anne Choi . I have to say, I am jealous of all the good food to be found in her neck of the woods! She took us to the asian farmers market and I gawked at all the goodness and weirdness that we discovered. How I would love to have a grocery store that stocked guavas, persimmons, strange pears and everything asian food you can think was hard to leave. We ate Indian food for lunch and sushi for dinner, and loads of sweet tea between. We really enjoyed spending time with locals Deb and Lynn as well, it was a lot of fun riding around, looking at everything. It made me miss living in a big city, everything so accessible, with so many choices. I guess its good we travel a lot! Greg will definitely be on the road the next few months! Almost a show every weekend! He has another agenda while in those find Trader Joe's and keep me stocked in my favorite food that I can't get here! I can't help it if I'm obsessed with food! Lucky me, I think Greg is making a buttermilk pie tonight!


Andrew Thornton said...

I am so JEALOUS! Ugh. I miss Anne Choi with all of my heart and then some! And farmers market fun? No fair! No fair! No fair!

I miss you guys too. Everyone I know who is patient enough to listen to me and not ignore me has grown bored of my stories and retellings of funny things Azalea does.

Andrew Thornton said...

Let me know when you guys are coming! The bathroom ceiling is going to have to be replaced again and I don't want you guys to come when the contractors are here ripping down drywall.

Sucks, because I just painted the bathroom and made it look all nice!

Claire said...

Fantastic skulls!

laurelmoon said...

I adore Anne Choi's work--I have a handful of her beads, and I just can't stop hording them, lol. One day I should just sit down and make them into jewelry and stop feathering my nest with them. ;)

Unknown said...

*jealousy* I wish I could have
sushi.I swear, the first thing I'm going to do after this baby's born is eat an entire boat of sushi by myself. I miss it so!

I also miss my waistline.

Unknown said...

Was wondering what you have been doing lately! LOL I guess its that you do so many intresting things that its great when you post! Snow still wow. When is the book due to be out?! Waiting! x

Unknown said...

I hate to break it to you but I have a Trader Joe's in walking distance and I LOVE IT! How do you live without TJ?

I came by to ask you if you have seen this website: Her work reminds me of you. I thought you might enjoy if you haven't already.

Carter said...

I wish you could come with Greg. I'd take you to Ranch 99- it's like an Asian Market on steriods. Every kind of strange-looking, yummy-tasting fruit you can imagine!
We'll have to take Greg so he can pick up some goodies for you :-)

UrbanGypZ said...

I think Trader Joe's would do so well in Asheville. I stocked up on goodies last weekend in Charlotte. Love the Anna Choi goodies!