Wednesday, January 07, 2009

still working

Hey folks! Here I am, posing with my scarf, because I couldn't talk Azalea or Sheila into standing around while I took pictures. This soft and cuddly scarf was cranked out on the fabulous knitting machine using a pima cotton and silk yarn. I need to make a cacoon out of that stuff and hibernate for a week when this book is done. I'm dreaming of a long trip, on a tropical beach, with my art supplies and lap top.....paradise. I'm making lists: of places i want to go, doll clothes I want to make, dolls I want to paint, doll houses I'm going to build, all before starting my next project, which is a secret. And its not that I'm knocked up.

That hollow-eyed look I'm sporting in the pic is due to either my new diet of coffee, saltines and dried strawberries or from sniffing shrink film fumes as its coming out of the oven. Its a toss up. I hope Andew gets here soon, I need some of that filipino mothering he was talking about.

I just finished the introduction and started the chapter on inspiration and design. The writing is coming easily, although its mostly scrawled all over drawing paper and I have to type it out. I hate typing as much as I hate folding clothes. I'd rather clean toilets or the kitchen three times rather than tackle my laundry. Anyway, this pile on my desk and surrounding me on all sides is beginning to look like a book! I like writing and will probably be sad when it's finished. I better have something lined up, it won't do to have too much free time!


Andrew Thornton said...

Maybe to celebrate, we can visit our friend, Anne Choi! It's not a tropical beach, but Atlanta has lots of cute things.

I will be happy to make some food when you get here. Though truthfully I survive off of a diet of baby carrots and coffee and only pull out the cooking for guests and for dinner.

Viva Cindy said...

Stop dieting and come to Costa Rica!!!! I love reading your blog! I always feel inspired. I also have a sewing project in my head, along with jewelry and a turquoise blanket I started crocheting a couple weeks ago! hope to meet up with you and yours very soon!

Unknown said...

Cynthia thank you for putting the scarf up. Thats pretty nifty! A long one can certainly be wrapped around the neck several times making things warm...I like it. Yum I wish Andrew could cook at my house too lol. I get tired of cooking I would just love if someone cooked for me sometime here at the house a surprise, something different! Ohhh Im the same I HATE folding clothes too dont know why but hate it. Get some rest Missy! x

Andi Stern said...

I am very excited for your book, I loved seeing your journal pages in Teesha's zines and meeting you at ArtFest in 02.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Andrew- we shall see if Anne is free! Don't stress her out!

Cindy- I only say dieting because I'm too engrossed to go downstairs and get some real food, like ice cream or spam! Now that Andrew is here, I'll be eating very well!

Janet- I'm glad you like the scarf! It is warm and long! Yes Andrew likes to cook and is good at it. We are lucky!

Hi Andi!- I loved Art Fest! Wish I could get it together enough to sign up by the deadline! I'm pretty bad at stuff like that! It was such a blast and it was so much fun meeting new people! I remember enjoying that most of all, especially the bon fires in the evening, journaling the night away....heaven!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Cindy- costa rica sounds like fun! And it is tropical....better be careful all that talk of us coming to see you guys! We might just show up!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I don't have Costa Rica to offer but I can tell you that you look stunning. Are you using that for your author shot? It's pretty awesome!

Now I am going to go around all day rolling my r's for Rica. rrrrrrrrrrica!