Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chocolate mousse and sketching at Filo, a cafe in town that makes the best desserts.

Greg, Azalea, me, Aveesh, Andrew and Vic finishing brunch at The Madison Inn, in Black Mountain. Very yummy.

Greg and Andrew left for Tucson today and I'm highly envious. I always look forward to the shows, but since its so close to my deadline, I had to sit this one out. So I'm bummed out, the shopping is sooooo good! Plus all my friends go. Yep, that's me, sounding like a teenager. Aside from moping around wishing I was on the road, I've kept busy working on my book. It's coming along really well and looking fabulous- I think. Anyway, its busy, busy around here! I've been working on some very interesting polymer techniques, which I can't show here, but its pretty cool and I'm bursting to share! I wish I could post everything here, to get feedback, but that's not allowed, so I have to settle for hints. Well, that's it for now!


Beth Hikes said...

Yum that cake looks tasty! Too bad you don't get to be on the road :( Hope all is well, and I love the book recommendation by Neil Gaiman. I too have stacks of books by my bed!

Unknown said...

I'm highly envious, too--last year was fun. We never did get to exact that revenge, either.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Saw you at AC Moore today but felt too shy to speak. I can't wait to see your book!!! Best wishes.

belvedere beads said...

i wish i were in tucson too. i have pledged with one of my girl friends that we will go next year.

check my blog (sat 31st)- there is something there waiting for you.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hey everybody!

Beth- yep, Mr. Gaiman is one of my hero's! And that cake is better than it looks.

Eva- I've been bummed ever since they left! I'm consoling myself with dolls! Greg promised 3, plus clothes for sitting it out. There's always nxt year.

Frivoltea- what! You didn't say 'hi'? We mustv'e been arguing about M&M's, weren't we! That girl begs me for chocolate every 30 seconds. She gets that from me. Well, next time, wave me down! I love to chat! 'Course I might try and coerce you into hot cocoa or tea. You never with those strange foodie types.