Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sea Quilt

My friend Jessica Wiesel started this quilt for Azalea when she found out I was having a girl and she just gave it her for Christmas (three years later). It is so beautiful. Its fun, too, because I recognize some of the fabrics from our travels, collected and used years later for something really special. I think that is half the magic of a quilt, bits and pieces gathered, carefully selected and stitched together with all the thoughts of the happiness and comfort it will bring. My mama and grandma used to quilt and I can remember at a young age sitting with a group of women teaching me and my sister how to quilt. The lessons were about patience and doing a job with care and love. I seem to remember hearing someone say 'If you sew with love and prayers, your thread won't knot'. I liked the idea of a thing retaining your good wishes as you worked them in.


SandyQuilts said...

Adorable quilt. I'm a quilter and dabbler in other crafts forms ... I enjoyed looking through your blog. Your DD is beautiful.

Sophie said...

The quilt is gorgeous!! I quilt a little...and this is quite an inspiration!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Cynthia! The quilt is so beautiful. Weasel is so talented. Sometimes it makes me jealous with how well and how much she can do. (I think in the Thornton family, that is one of the highest compliments one can pay.)

I remember you and Sheila and Margaret going off to the sewing circle and how much I wanted to go, but wasn't allowed. Instead James and I went to Uncle CF's tackle shop and played with worms.