Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lake Lily

Happy to feed the ibises.

Look at my baby girl in action! It is a family operation- note my mama, inspecting our work.
The show was a little slow today, so we went outside to walk around Lake Lily (which is right outside) to feed the birds. We saw loads of red striped turtles, black cormorants and my favorite, white ibises. Oh, and one gator.
I bought some simple cut green amythyst and coin shaped smokey quartz to add to my ginormous collection. I also bought a couple of fancy cut crystals that are 'tools for enlightment' or 'magicians stones'. I like things like that, the hang tags so full of hope, so sure of there amazing powers. Descriptions are so much fun to read! Catalogs with carefully worded descriptions are some of my favorite things to read, I love Sundance Jewelry and
Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs...the way they describe the products make me want everything. Why wouldn't I want a 'mermaids hairpin' or smell like 'spun sugar'? I really need to work on our descriptions, I used to make a catalog with folklore and stories, but that would be outdated within a couple months. I will add it to my things to do list.


Andrew Thornton said...

I bet mom is loving spending time with Girl. I miss everyone. I truly do. It's so strange seeing her behind the table. I remember when she was just a wee poddling and we'd take her to the shows and she'd point to things and would cry if someone didn't take them.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I love what Andrew just said!

nice photos!

I wear a perfume called pink sugar.
It is only one of the ones I wear.

Jim LOVES it. it pretty much smells like vanilla and you can actually sleep n it without driving yourself and everyone else nuts!