Friday, August 03, 2007

root baby 2

Hello! Here's another plant creature, this one a succulent like the 'gollum' variety, but far more rare. I made him for the Blackwell's, he enjoys the view from their kitchen window. I made one for Sheila, but I haven't found the right potting material. My friend says he can get me a show with plantling creatures and paintings. I'm not sure about that. I had a few shows in the beginning of my career, it seemed ridiculous, folks take themselves so seriously! I wouldn't admit that the stuff was mine, I just watched, listening to what was being said about pieces that were like parts of my soul on display. I find it difficult to show my personal work. Maybe its easier to show work that's designed to be seen by loads of people. Its definitely easier to show beads! I like making work and sending it out into the world under the Green Girl name, it feels comfortable. I haven't really considered why that should be.
Well, things are busy around here. Greg and Steve have been writing new songs and performing them at The Dripolator Coffee House. Azalea enjoyed the show, dancing and eating their enormous cookies they bake. I'll have to film them when they have their gig in sept. We just finished reading the Harry Potter book and that's a relief. I couldn't get anything done! Now that its over I can be sad and slightly annoyed with Ms. Fancy Pants J.K.Rowling for not writing anymore stories. I think talented folks have an obligation to the world to create if they have the power to. If you can make beautiful art, you should. Don't argue, the world needs you. Ok, I'm bitter its over! I so enjoyed that world! Well, I'm going to paint something, maybe a picture of a bird or an imaginary potrait. Or an owl. O.k. bye!


Cindy said...

Those root babies are amazing! Your friends are so lucky to be able to have their own to take home and look at every day.

I think I know just what you're saying about the difference between your personal work and work that is done under an established name. I've often felt that if I could develop a business image that was not so connected to me, I would be better able to do what I do and not feel so exposed. At the same time, I like to put a bit of my soul into what I do, and then how to balance that? It's an interesting thing to think about. I think the fact that it is the family business, i.e. all the pressure is not on one person, makes a big difference, too.

I'm more than halfway through the last HP book. I feel like I am not allowing myself to get too into it, because I know it's going to end soon...I'm kind of letting go of it all as I am reading, though I think I will still feel the loss when it's over. I wonder what kinds of stories she'll write after this?

Dripolator? Such an evocative name ;-)

sheilabythebeach said...

It is hard to put your work out there, whatever it is, and have people comment. That said, I do think the root babies are wonderfully and creative. If I saw one growing in my yard, well, I am not sure what I would do! They look so might scare me at first!

Andrew Thornton said...

Good job with this new one! I think you should take the show opportunity. You've created a wonderful and imaginative world, like J.K. Rowling, but dare I say it... more in-depth and totally more visual. You've been building this world, brick by brick, root baby by root baby, and NEED to let people visit. Having a show would allow people to have access to viewing the world.

What's the worst that can happen? They don't like something. Oh well, who do they matter anyway? If anyone said they didn't like it, it'd just go to show you how truly vapid their soul was.

Anyway, that Baby looks like she had a good time.

And I loved the Harry Potter books just the way they are. I think the fact that she decided on an end is a good thing. I hate saying that, but imagine if they just kept coming out? Eventually it'd be like Anne Rice. I do think though that she could definitely add a book of stories that go along with that world, not necessarily focusing just on Harry. On her website, she has a whole section of story ideas that she wanted to include in the books but couldn't find a way to fit them in. It'd be nice to read some of them.

It's kind of like what Lloyd Alexander did with, "The Foundling and other Tales."

Have fun painting! Keep up the good work.

claudine hellmuth said...

finished the HP book too. ugh, it's over, I feel lost!