Monday, January 22, 2007

We are really hustling to make as much stuff as physically possible for Tucson. It's fun, we have three of our friends helping us to cast, grind, organize and polish the goods. Tim, from Fire Glass, Steve Gornic hailing from Tridelphia and Thomas (T.J) have all been a blessing, staying up all hours to help. We are so lucky to have art school alumni as buddies!
I've enjoyed making elaborate salads for dinner every night (pear, spinach,mixed greens, bacon, dried cranberries, blueberries,almonds,pistachios,croutons and loads of blue cheese dressing) we've been trying to 'eat healthy'. I guess Pasta Carbonara doesn't qualify (bacon,eggs and parmesan)! I made a traditional filipino dish for dinner called Chicken Adobo, a savory garlic and soy sauce concoction my mama used to make (which is the BEST way to prepare chicken,hands down!). Pretty much 30 minute meals since we began busting it for the big shows. I can't wait to relax!
Andrew and I have been planning a relaxing after-show party in Tucson, luckily Andrew is a genius and everything is coming together. I just have to make invites and plan a menu, no sweat! So, this year we've started the earliest and have the most help - and I am still freaking out, which is what I do every year. I'm freakin' out right now, worried about my pmc amulets (I love them-pmc caps on crystal clear hollow beads filled with treasures and a tiny drawing) I should have some finished versions tommorow.
Here are a couple pics of Azalea, one in her new hilltribe dress, shipped to her
from Thailand - a gift from Sheila. She is still in Burma, heading to India with a side trip to Japan. I'm going to ask her to get me gold bangles in India. The other is her playing with her windmill doll house and the doll I made for her, named Kiki - after the girl in the movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service' - a fav of my baby girl. I love the name Kiki, I told Greg we should name our second baby Kiki ( also because I love the wonderful artist Kiki Smith) or Gabriel (for my grandfather, who was a medicine man). But, I have to get knocked up before I start naming nuts, as the saying goes. Maybe next year. Or the year after that. Well, I'm off to change a diaper.

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Andrew Thornton said...

I miss that Baby BIG TIME! I love the new pictures and will be adding them to my iPod so that I can stare at them at any time.

Kiki Smith has a show up at the Whitney and it's pretty darn awesome. I'll creep on over there if I get a free moment and sneak some pictures. (Oh! Did I mention that I ran into her, literally, the other day?)

Save me a PMC amulet! Fill it with the red Tanduru gem gravel, please.

I like the name Gabriel. It's one of my favorite boy names.