Thursday, October 01, 2015

End of summer

Summer is my favorite season. I love the dusky afternoon light that lasts for hours, the scent of tomatoe vines and Greg's fruity concoctions he makes in the evenings. I never want it to end, but the thing that softens the blow a bit, is that the fair comes to town. It's a chaotic event filled with the scent of cotton candy and sweet things frying, bright stuffed animals set against vivid tents and blinking lights. All this saturation overlaid by the sound of a calliope and screams and laughter. It's all very Something Wicked this way Comes. 
This year I found a beautiful marble made by a guy ( Curtis?) demonstrating glass animals.  It seemed like the marble perfectly captured the feeling of too much cotton candy and funnel cake and lights whirling over striped tents. 

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