Sunday, May 24, 2015


After my last post about not wanting to do Tucson next year, I received a bunch of messages about 'hanging in there, it's just the economy, it's the weather, etc.'. I realized that I may have given the impression that we tanked at the show and that was why we didn't want to do it.
The reason we don't want to do the show is that it is too long. We made money the first four days, then it was dead, with only vendors walking around. Thankfully, we did really good those first few days, so technically the show wasn't bad. 

But here's the problem for us, when one of us leaves, it's really hard to keep up with orders, since we have two kids and no family around to help. This year, we had a huge increase in orders, both of us itching to get to work, but neither Greg nor myself able to jump back in till I got home  almost a week later - it was just really hard not to feel exasperated. 

So, if you were concerned that Green Girl Studios was in a bad way, don't be, we are doing great. In fact, we are so busy, that I haven't had a lot of time to focus on the whimsical things that bring me such joy. Although, I did make a little string doll with the kids. His name is Trouble and he's a little mischief maker. I used cotton thread I dyed last summer and really nice wool felt. I'm longing to make an army of dolls.
Anyway, we will be going back to the To Bead True Blue Show. We are thinking about alternatives, like doing workshops, and having a small show of handpicked vendors. This has been a dream of ours for years, so hopefully by the time we get to Tucson this spring, we will have something special planned for 2017.

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