Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tiny doll

Hi! This little lovely has been in the works for months. She's 1/12 th scale, or dollhouse size cast in cold porcelain (resin infused with porcelain). I made a doll in wax a year ago and discovered that I couldn't mold it in the traditional way, since everything I tried to build the mold walls with reacted with the wax. So Greg cast the parts in bronze and I'm working out how to attach them. Anyway, after all that annoyance I decided to just do it over. It took a couple of weeks to sculpt all the pieces, then another month of dawdling over the molds, then a week of casting loads of parts. I haven't perfected the process, I still get lots of air bubbles. Now I have one doll! Yay! 

After stringing her, I found a few problems in the joints, so I'll have to repair them and remold. I'm going to make more heads and torsos so I can change them around and get a variety of figures. I really like sculpting the faces. This one looks like Kate Moss, to me. Or a Botticelli face. I was thinking of Waterhouse when I was making her wig and painting her face- she reminded me of that painting of Ophelia floating in the water, with all the flowers around her. 
I am very happy with her and can't wait till after Tucson when I can work on her till perfection! It's going to be doll heaven when I get home. I'm already making lists of things I'm going to make and it's all going to be fun. Except cleaning my studio. That won't be fun at all. 
Isn't she so cute? I love all the dolls in hand photos on Flickr! Now I can add mine! Or, rather Azalea's, since I gave this to her for Christmas. She was pleased. This doll is going into our dollhouse for magical creatures. I have to make a mermaid in a rolling tub next. 


Carolyn said...

She's beautiful ! ^_^ said...

She looks perfect to me, such a tiny doll...beautiful work! Phyllis

Robin said...

I want her! I'm psychic and my biz name is Moonlit Mermaid Psychic Readings. I have red hair and I have a redhead mermaid tattoo on my leg. I'm a mermaid.
Let me know when I can purchase one like her. She's lovely!
Good work!

On another note, I've been searching and searching for 10-15mm musical note beads to make a necklace for my sister. I'm shocked at how difficult they are to find. Are they tough to make? I'm surprised it isn't a popular item and easy to find. Whew! Any ideas?

Thanks! Robin

WalkingHistorian said...

This is GENIOUS. I want 1 no, I want 2 no 3 on and on... I want the naked female form so I can determine the inner spirit of every fairy. The face is perfection, different faces, different ethnic spirits big back sides small back sides I will take one of each. I have my Green Girl stash I use in art pieces as well as for inspiration. This fairy sprite is magic. Blessings.