Tuesday, May 29, 2012

new dolls!

I am crazy about dolls. This is no secret, they've appeared on this blog many times, some part of my collection and others that are on my wish list. I've added several to my ever growing family of little people and thought I'd share some of my newest additions. The dolls pictured above are made out of porcelain and are 1/12 dollhouse scale (which means an inch equals a foot). I met the artist, Marcella, at the dollhouse show in Chicago last month. We made fast friends and she invited me to her studio to watch her process, which I will someday soon take her up on. The dolls are so charming and beautifully painted, if you look close, you can see the tiny eyelashes painted on! Marcella also crochets and sews the dresses and bloomers. So sweet. She doesn't have a website, but can be reached through her email address: cutieminidolls@yahoo.com .
The dolls pictured above just arrived and are made by Tima Hass, an artist out of California. She sells her charming creations on ebay (seller name neverland43). She carves and molds the dolls, then casts each piece in resin. The dolls are meticulously and anatomically detailed and are double jointed at the knees and elbows. This is very unusual! Most dolls this size are only jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. I'm working on my own 1:12 scale doll and its a pain making all the tiny molds, so I have a lot of respect for this artist and all the planning and engineering it took to make such poseable and lifelike joints. I love these tiny dolls so much! I can't wait to build my dollhouse and put them in. Of course they will need to be redressed to look like The Borrowers, but that's after Bead and Button! The show floor opens Thursday, June 7 at 4pm to 9pm ( dang I hate the first night, by the time you leave all the restaurants are closed). The show goes onto Sunday at 4pm, so stop by and see all the new pieces! I'll probably bring some dolls to show my buddies, so if you are interested, just ask.

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