Sunday, October 02, 2011

afternoons in paradise

What do I like to do in paradise? Oh, the normal things like wading in tidepools, sipping mai tais under vast umbrellas and also taking pictures of my dolls. Yep, I packed up a couple of my favorite small dolls so I could take pictures of them in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The doll in the photo above is from a Korean company called Fairy Land. I made the wig and painted the face and Jessica made the little dress while we waited for coffee. I think she turned out rather well. I named her Sprout.

While driving through a botanical garden, we spotted a little family of wild pigs, a mama and four babies. This photo was taken from about twenty yards away. We also found two tiny mongoose! They were super adorable, smaller than an average squirrel, darting about like birds.

This is an elaborate species of hibiscus, found in a large collection of the flowers at Waimea Falls, on the northern part of Oahu.

I really loved this feathery shrub, but couldn't find a plaque naming the plant. I love the color of those feathery fronds! I thought it would make a lovely skirt for my tiny doll.

We discovered these unusual blossoms in a tree alongside a winding road. Luckily, we were driving slowly, so they were easy to spot. I'd love this color and shape in the form of enameled bead caps, for earrings. It would be a pretty surprise every time that bright shade of red popped into view. I just picked up a book on torch fired enamels, so that could be a fun little experiment.


somethingunique said...

Hi Cynthia. i always enjoy your poetic words and beautiful pictures...your doll is beautiful too.i just purchased the entire kit and book from Barbara and i can't wait for it's arrival..i just revamped the studio to make room another station for my enamling.
take care & enjoy your Monday!
ttfn Lana ;)

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

great, wonderfully fun post!

mijbil said...

Oh, that's the cutest Realpuki ever! I really love your work on her tiny face.. makes her look so much sweeter than the standard makeup version! :) well done!