Monday, March 14, 2011

staying creative

One of the most popular questions that folks ask of me is: how do you make time for creative endeavors (jewelry, art, crafts, etc.)?I'm by no means Martha Stewart and have loads of unfinished projects on my desk, but I think I get a fair amount done in a day. I don't have a nanny or babysitter, so its a bit challenging, but there are ways to sneak in some time for your projects. Here are a few things I do:

*Bring a small notebook and pen everywhere. That time spent staring at the tabloids while waiting to be checked out, could be used making lists, drawing designs or jotting down an interesting color combo on a pack of gum that would make awesome earrings.

* Choose projects carefully- work on things that will revive you and provide instant gratification- smaller, quicker projects you can finish in a sitting. Working on large projects in chunks is o.k., but it gets depressing looking at lots of unfinished work.

*Find creative projects the whole family can enjoy, that way your not holed up in your studio while everyone is having fun in the living room.

*Ok, here's my number one strategy....have containers filled and ready with supplies in a handy location. I have various decorative toolboxes and tubs on the lowest shelf of a bookcase, easy to put away and take out. I have one packed for wax work, polymer clay and pmc, a small sewing basket, a little rolling storage cube with drawers for paper and pens and a bigger basket tote for jewelry. Nothing wastes so much time as hunting for your tools! The very second those kids fall asleep and I bust out one of my kits!

Anyway, those are the most helpful to me. Have any other suggestions for busy artists to make time to create?


miranda said...

Thanks for the info. Every bit helps. The other day I needed to drill some holes in some seaglass but my 22 month toddler also wanted my attention. So I took out an empty egg carton and had him sort the glass and shells next to me while I drilled. He then got to pick out what he wanted me to drill next. We spent quality time together as well as accomplish jewelry making tasks.

Unknown said...

This is a great Post.
Everything organized and in its place
is certainly the way, and makes a body feel less stressed and afresh!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh this is a constant struggle for me - fold the laundry pile that is about to overtake the house? or make jewelry??? I thought when my boys were older I'd have more time but it seems ZI only have more to do!!! A friend did suggest the 15 minute timer so say I have to clean up the kitchen set the timer for 10-15 minutes and do what ever you can do in that time. Work for a few hours take a break and set the timer again.It does give me a break from sitting at the table and revive me a bit and let me start fresh aftwer a quick jog around the house.

Anonymous said...

Helpful tips, thank you.