Sunday, February 27, 2011

useful things

Hi! I just received these vintage style tool boxes from Rio Grande and love them! Lately, I've spent the majority of my time at the dining room table, since my studio is NOT child safe (beads, needles and fragile things are everywhere). These beautiful boxes are pretty and useful, perfect for transporting a 'few' supplies to various spots, since I like to craft with the family.

The smaller box contains my wax kit: alcohol burner, tools, wax, gemstones and a lighter. Its designed for beaders, with slots for soft flex and pliers, but I found the slots useful for tins of small objects. A nice detail about this box, is the little catch on the inside that prevents the drawer from flopping open. The large one is roomy, with pockets and drawers and a neat space for a necklace board (that comes with it) or for a piece of plexi glass (which I have sitting on top of the board). This box holds a variety of supplies, some for polymer, sewing and beading. One never knows when the desire to create will hit, so its good to be prepared!


Christina J. said...

The boxes are awesome! Thanks for sharing--I might have to order the large one. I feel like I am on a constant quest for the right bead organizer! This one looks great for bringing to classes, too.

Andrew Thornton said...

Those are great! I want some! They seem very useful and are much easier on the eyes than the grungy plastic ones I carry around.

ladynoble said...

These look great, I need something like these to travel with. I agree with Andrew much easier on the eyes than the plastic ones. (although I am sure andrew's plastic ones are full of fantastic goods)