Wednesday, October 06, 2010

fresh new work

I love Azalea's new batch of shrink plastic pendants! She's covered a whole menagerie of creatures, plants, potions and witches. I think she's inspired by Halloween. I'm not going to show my pieces- they seemed so overwrought and contrived next to her spontaneous little explosions of cute. I have a hard time not planning a thing till its exactly what I'm imagining. So I think it was a good creative exercise for me. It was fun watching her make these, she'd say 'what do you want to be?' then I'd say 'an owl!' or 'a monster!'. Most of the time I'd ask her to surprise me. The best part is watching her stare in amazement as I'd shrink them with a heat gun. Little things make me happy!
*On another note, don't forget the drawing for the giveaway is on Friday and that we're celebrating our favorite month with a surprise bead in every order!


TesoriTrovati said...

'spontaneous little explosions of cute'
That is completely the right phrase for both of your kids. These are charming. She has the talent!
Enjoy the day!

Alice said...

Oh cute! She's an artist in the making.

Unknown said...

Oh are they not the most Precious! And encased forever!! Such preciousness Cynthia. Its a good life..a Blessed life I so Rejoice for you little Momma! oxo

Unknown said...

Very cute!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Don't children just have the best imaginations. Is that a witch flying on a broom I see? And the monsters - great work Azalea!