Monday, September 27, 2010

i can tell that we are going to be friends

Look how pleased Azalea is with her new pinafore from Grandma O (thanks Anne!). It's reversible, with a lovely lattern pattern on the other side as well, except the the background is a deep turquoise. These two get along better than ice cream and cake, something I hope continues forever.


Unknown said...

Isnt that ever Mothers heart which yours must be so full is growing!

nina said...

i hope she is teaching max how to plant stars for them to grow.....xo

claudine hellmuth said...

it is CRAZY how fast they grow! seems like you just had Azalea!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Janet- yes, my heart is full of happiness!

Nina - that girl is teaching him all the time! Yesterday he was in 'baby school' and the day before that they were withches. I think robots was the theme this morning!

Claudine- hey lady! It seems like yesterday when we visited that park near your house in Orlando. "Time flies' is an understatement! Its gone in a blink.

Unknown said...

I love how he is looking up at her with so much love. This is a neat picture!

lorrwill said...


They DO grow up too fast.

Awesome picture.