Thursday, April 01, 2010

baby teeth

My girl lost her first tooth the other day! It's odd seeing her new gap tooth smile. I asked her if she wanted to leave the tooth for the Tooth Fairy, or give it to me, to put in my tooth box and she gave it to me. Of course, I offered a Zhu Zhu Pet. When she saw inside my box of collected teeth she picked out one of my enormous wisdom teeth (that had to be surgically removed it was so large) and asked if was real. She seemed deeply impressed that it was mine and real and promptly told my sister all about it.

Ok, Max does have more than this one orange sweater, but its for 'town' and he always seems to be smiling when he's in it, either because he knows were going out or the sweater, I don't know. He really likes getting out and seeing the world, look how happy he is. Anyway, he has two little white nubs protruding from his lower gums already! Can you believe it? Seems like I just birthed him.

I made this bracelet for my neighbor, who is really nice. She rescued me a couple weeks back when I locked my keys in the house when I was taking Azalea to school. I was certainly happy I didn't have to sit out on the porch long, it was such a cold day. I used peridot and green tourmaline on fine silver wire and one owl pendant from our line. I think that piece would look great in bronze.

We are gearing up for the Bead and Button Show, so that means its busy times for this crew. We have two new clasps in the works and my bird link will probably be finished by then. I'm also hoping to have more one of a kind pieces available, like my bezels. I'm saving for an Enchanted Doll, a doll of rare and unique beauty that I must have! I'm completely obsessed and have been squirrelling away my pennies so I can get one. Look at them, you'll see why I want one so bad.


Gaea said...

Oh. My. God.
A friend shared a link to her site a few years ago and while I'm not particularly a doll person, I can not stop looking at her dolls. They are insane! In a good way! I hope you get one! Lovely bracelet and lovely, lovelies!

Unknown said...

Your children are looking beautiful! Nice bracelt gesture too! Those dolls are pretty enchanted wow I was looking at them!

Nicki said...

It is hard to believe how fast the kids are growing. Max almost looks like a toddler right now. I really love the bracelet. I made a necklace for myself with your baby - courage charm that is similar and I really love it. And I am not a doll person either, but those tattooed nudes are amazing.

Ricka said...

The customized doll option for "wounds and bites" was a bite grotesque for me.