Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Maximus Prime! (that's what Sheila calls him).

My babies napping on the couch.

Me, looking haggard and Max like a sweet sugar puff, also resting on the couch, which is easily the most comfortable in the world.

Andrew posing in front of my favorite place...The Chocolate Lounge! There are so many things I am grateful for in this world, Greg, my babies, Andrew, chocolate, books and my friends (both internet and local). That statement, which sounds remarkably corny even to myself, is true on so many levels. I find myself dependant on those things to keep me from 'gettin' crazy' as we like to say. Take today for example: I get maybe 30 minutes to respond to emails (its a pain to type with baby in one arm...like now) and I find the rude message I talked about in the previous post. I quickly wrote the reply, then sat there wondering what to do, the first thing I thought of was to blog about it. Initially I thought some glassworkers might be interested in making them, but as I finished, I realized it was almost like phoning a friend to set me straight. I am deeply grateful there are folks out there willing to spend their time visiting my little world and offering kind words. Reading the comments lifted the heaviness that threatened to bog me down.
Life is starting to follow a rhythm around here. I'm getting used to Max's ways and am working around them. I've spent every moment he's asleep on designing and carving waxes, which feels a little like guerilla art making. Most of my time is spent watching old shows on hulu while I'm nursing baby, which makes it easier 4 in the morning!


bArno said...

Max is so cute!!

I was reading your post, and saw the part about you not being able to type with the babe in arms. It got me thinking about the dictation app I got for my phone. It works really well, and is very easy to use. They also have software for your computer. Maybe you should check it out?
Hope to see you guys sometime soon. Be well.

Gardanne said...

I agree with Kate in the previous post, just hit the delete key, you owe no one an apology. Your little babies are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hi Cynthia lovely pictures!
That was quite decent of you TO respond to an e~mail like that.
My feeling is it wasnt fair for someone to rant like that bc the content of your book is utterly overwelming. You unlocked many sesrets to do things and the details how to do them. To me I felt you were so very generous...so much packed into one book! So to complain...how selfish of said person. But there are so many dolts in this life it blows one away. Your book is a well loved treasure just as you are...xx

Anonymous said...

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Grateful Nation Thank you, Vanessa

ClickNCamera said...

I have been enjoying your book on several different levels. One being, my niece, who got me started beading, would have loved every single project in this book...and I would have either given the book to her or better yet, I would have made one of the many projects for her! (Probably the Woodland Wings necklace!) Anyways, REMEMBER, you have pleased more people then this complaining soul...Thanks for the return of the memories of my loved one, these awesome projects and the gift of looking for inspiration for my jewelry! Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

He is so amazing and cute. Congratulations! I miss you a ton. Hope you have a quick recovery and much luck to you and the family.

Pretty Things said...

Nothing as sweet as babies and a tired mommy! I think tired mommies look especially lovely.

claudine hellmuth said...

super congrats on the new baby!! he is beautiful!!! I am sure Azalea will make a wonderful big sister!

Unknown said...

Oh, such beautiful littles! I think your daughter is so special, something about the way she can fall asleep like that next to her little brother. Close to him but at a respectful distance. And you look beautiful, not haggard at all!