Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wedding finery.

Navy Pier ferris wheel.

Greg and Charlie.
Hi! We are in Cincinnatti after a great trip in Chicago. I haven't walked that much in ages. Everyday we walked to fun places: the Childrens Museum at Navy Pier, the Lincoln Park Zoo and various playgrounds in between. Not to mention shopping! I visited my favorite shops and discovered some new ones- my favorite being Threadless, a tee shirt company that produces artwork sent in by folks all over the country. I had the best time stopping at every cute cafe and sampling cookies and sandwiches. Lucky for me, we walked or rode the train most of the time! Then in the evening, we would go to Jeremiah's tower-like studio space and paint or draw. I really enjoyed watching the progression of his paintings and how his style was similar and different from my own.
The indian wedding was a lot of fun, the food was great (very spicy!) and the outfits were amazing! It was also extremely elaborate, fraught with rituals and ceremony- the opposite of my wedding, which was a simple fairy masquerade. Wings and a costume were highly recommended. It wasn't regal, but our humble celebration was magical. It will be four years this October. Where has the time gone?


Carter said...

4 years....wow! Congratulations!
Isn't it crazy how the time flies?!

Unknown said...

What a sweet picture of Greg and Azalea! I will always laugh at how poor Brandon showed up to your wedding in full regalia (for him), only to realize he was the only one there in costume at the time. He represented, though.

I can't believe it's been 4 years, either. This is how we know we're getting old.