Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Stringing!

I love Stringing magazine, it is so good! Really beautiful designs. Go get the new copy asap. I love Danielle Fox's designs, really spot on, not trendy. There is a new section about designers who are successful, and this issue features a Sundance Catalog artist. I think its a useful section if your interested in branching out with the 'big boys' of the industry. I also love my brother Andrew's work (there's an Anne Choi bead used in one of his pieces- gotta love it!) I think the layout is user friendly and has an upscale look. Can you tell its one of my favorites?


Unknown said...

You know I just came back 10 min ago from Barnes and Noble and picked that copy up! Cant wait to give it a read. Hope tommorows a great day with tommorow Fathers Day for yall!

Lorelei Eurto said...

:) Going today to get my copy!
Thanks Cynthia!

Anonymous said...

Im with ya, Cynthia. Its my favorite too. the layouts are always so clean and crisp and not at all distracting with flashy design elements.
And Danielle is always rocking the new designs...I hear she has a new book coming out soon =)

give baby girl kisses for me.

Anonymous said...
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Andrew Thornton said...

Did you see the bird clasp on the cover? Nice!