Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've taken a break from staring at my laptop for hours on end, googling so often my dreams looked like search results - good dreams consisting of me finding perfect, informative websites that inspired and delighted. So, I took a break and crafted like never before! I made a doll for Azalea, that has taken almost a week of sewing and stuffing (and ripping out stitches) to complete. I think it looks really good. I got the pattern from I also ordered a book called 'wee folk' a pattern book for making tiny wire dolls. We've had friends over a lot this past couple of weeks, crafting till late at night. It has been loads of fun! Azalea helped rolling out polymer with the new pasta machine (I won't be making any lasagna with this aparatus!). We blended so many new colors, I think we did that for 2 days straight. I tried making canes, mokume gane slabs, and mirror beads - I have a new appreciation for all those polymer artists!

I got started on polymer after looking at a miniature artists work I found online, Angie Scarr, who makes the most amazing tiny things! I couldn't believe how detailed she could make an orange 1/12 scale! You could see individual segments! I immediately wanted to make miniature food. Look at her stuff, and feel the desire to become tiny and live in a dollhouse, .

We have never been this busy with orders! We found more of our pieces in the Special Issue of Bead Style Magazine! I wondered why Greg was working till 10 at night! It still hasn't slowed down this close to christmas, which it usually has in the past. Not complaining, we love it!

Kiwi, one of our lovebirds, had blood on the base of his feathers, and I freaked out and took him to the vet. They tested him for diseases and he's fine, apparently he is doing it to himself. I've been giving him meds and he has stopped. I guess he was itchy with new feathers and groomed a little too vigorously (he's completely fastidious!). My powder blue parrotlet Mochie gets so worked up every time I give him his meds! So jealous! I love my bird babies.

I just read Claudine's blog and noticed she tagged me to name 6 weird things about myself that people don't know, I could name far more, but I don't want to give the game away.

1. I'm catastraphobic. I obsess over the destruction of our civilization as we know it, terrified of not having hot water, refrigeration and online shopping. The mere mention of anthrax and Im hunting for my gas mask. The books 'Into the Forest' and the 'The Stand' gave me nightmares.

2. I'm super envious of anyone that can sing.

3. I love to work in absolute silence.

4. I like being alone and not talking for days and days...which happens very rarely.

5. I LOVE dried cuttlefish and shrimp chips as a snack, and could easily polish off a large bag in ten minutes.

6. I would rather look at seed pods than most fine art.

So, I guess I'm supposed to tag someone else to divulge their weird secrets. I think my bro and my buddy Tony Blackwell at should have to next.


Andrew Thornton said...

Yo. No worries about my holiday gift. I've got your's, Azalea's, and Greg's all wrapped up, BUT I haven't had a day off to stop at the post office.

I will do so after the holidays to avoid getting murdered.

I'm going to send a shipment of PMC things I've made that need to be fired and tumbled with your gifts. Send them back ASAP when you all are done so that I can make samples and package them up for Tucson.

ALSO!!! Send me the information about Tucson, so that I can request off work. I might be transferred to a different store and want to make sure that they know exactly when I'm going to be away.

The Weasel! said...

6 things nobody knew? I knew all of those. Better come visit me soon, or I'll tell everyone 6 things about you they REALLY don't know!

*grins wickedly*

Kelly Kilmer said...

For some reason, I have just discovered your blog. I *hoard* your charms. Every time I find one in a store, I buy it and treasure I will never ever find another like it again. I absolutely adore them.
I also love when you have "peeks" into your journal-like you did in Teesha's "Play" a couple of years ago.
I'm off to explore your blog some more & to then link it on my site!
Best wishes and Happy New Years,

Cynthia Thornton said...

I'm glad you like our stuff! I hoard them too, although i dont think this surprises anyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia,

Been following your work for many years because I share your interest in small sculpture and just discovered your blog. What a great window into the heart :)

I was particularly interested in you mentioning miniatures and dolls. I wonder if you have ever considered carving miniature wood dolls? I've been a painter and a professional plush designer in times past and now carve tiny animal dolls so I know it can be done. You can see some of my dolls at my website:

Might be a nice way for you to make one of a kind items that can't be knocked off :)

Anyway, I could say more but I'll leave it there for now...